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c/n 2531, N169E

Started by Doug Johnson, June 19, 2015, 12:24:22 PM

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Doug Johnson

5 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 2531, built 09/66 as model H-250, original registry N6310V Factory probably installed 120 gal LR Fuel then used until sold 08/67, Colin Gardner III OH sold '68, Miami Air Sales OH accident the pilot failed to maintain direction control during the landing run the aircraft ground looped and the landing gear collapsed near Marathon airport @ Windsor Locks-Bradley airport CT 9/69 sold '72, Clement Williamson MA sold '79, rereg N169E Quebec-Labrador Foundation ((Catholic Order) Rev Robert Bryan 5th Helio of 5) sold 10/79, Larry Montgomery (Larmont Aviation dealer) sold '79, J.W. Fowler KS sold '80, Hanson Properties (R.A. Hanson) WA sold '84, Northwest Aviation (lee Swain) WA sold '94, Helio Enterprises (David Maytag Partner #1 Helio LLC) Kent WA installed baggage door and battery door placed in experimental category as "European Market Survey" with 9 cylinder radial engine conversion OKB Motorostroyeniya M-14P, with Yakovlev B530TA-D35 prop then changed to three blade MTV9-250-27 next flown to Jaars Waxhaw NC where they did the engineering and testing and provided data, it was returned to Lyc O-540-A1A5, with Hartzell HC-92WK-1D prop sold '97, Joe Terrell (3rd Helio of 3) Anchorage AK

IF anyone knows the different nos for the 2 and 3 blade yakovlev prop I will edit the file.

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Can anyone remove the chainlink fence with their photoshop program?

possibly a photo of c/n 2531 at Nome AK, 2019



Is it true that 250 can be fitted with a geared engine but you will be still top at regular 250 gross weight ?

Doug Johnson

added factory handout


I spoke with the owner of this plane today.  A very friendly fellow, knew a fair amount about the Helio and was happy to share his knowledge.  I did a double take, when I was looking at the plane, because it is the only H250 I have seen with the 120 gallon fuel system.

I don't know for sure about the Russian prop and the German one.  I believe you are correct Doug with the Russian 2-blade being a V530TA-D35.  Again, I don't know for sure, but I am guessing that the three blade is an MTV9-250-27.  The Russian prop is a 240cm diameter blade and is was used on the early SU-26 aerobatic planes and the Yak-18T trainer.  When the V530 is replaced in those applications with the MT propeller it is often the 250cm diameter for the yak-18T and the 260cm diameter blade for the SU-26/29/31 applications where ground clearance is less of an issue.  For the Helio I am guessing they used the 250cm as that is already a bit longer than the 96" blades we use on our H395 or H295 applications. 

I would love to hear what the performance of that plane was or would have been with 360hp and a 102 inch (260cm) prop!

Doug Johnson

120 gal fuel is interesting I checked and there is nothing in the FAA file about a 120 gal fuel installation I suspect this is left over from when it was used as test bed for the radial engine by Helio Enterprises (David Maytag Type certificate owner). It would be interesting to see how it shows in equipment weight and balance list and if there is a Logbook entry.


If you look at the TCDS you'll see that the 120 gallon system was optional equipment for the H250 from the factory.

Doug Johnson

Jim, You are probably correct.

The factory used it for demo purposes for a year so they probably installed the 120 gal LR fuel.

That would have also showed up in the equipment list. But optional equipment often shows up as a logbook endorsement.

I suppose when we (I) guess about particular equipment instillation I should make a practice of looking at TCDS then the individual FAA file.


Doug Johnson 1

Found an interesting caricature of N169E c/n 2531 If you own a Helio it might be interesting to contact the artist and see if ou could get a drawing of your Helio, so I included what I believe is his email. I will open it at the bottom of the photo queue



Very talented guy !!!

i love it

Jason Stephens

Here is another I found from the same guy I think.  It's my wallpaper on my computer. :).

Doug Johnson 1

I had forgoten about finding that picture. From what I can see of the the of the artist signature I'm pretty sure its the same guy.

I wonder what he charges for a picture. Maybe someone will contact him for a picture of Their Helio and he or she will share the price.

again here his email Nathan@rocketaviationart