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c/n 039, N4118D

Started by Doug Johnson, January 19, 2015, 06:24:32 AM

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Doug Johnson

site of interest by Rockport Redwood co about N4118D

6 pictures. The first picture gives you an indication of original factory colors in the actual photograph in the magazine using a magnifying glass you can actually make out the 4118.  If USAF contract 58-3093/3096 for 4 H-391B/L-24As had not been canceled the last two pictures in USAF liaison livery might have been what they would have looked like, the yellow tail was painted on several Army liaison aircraft. What the Helio L-24A liaison aircraft really would have really looked like is anyone's guess. the number on the tail probably should have 83093, for the canceled contract 58-3093.

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c/n 039, built 2/56 as model H-391B, original registry N4118D Rounds and Porter Lumber co (Ralph Rounds) KS '59, Rockport Redwood co (D. Rounds) CA sold '62, National Geographic Soc. '63 Factory (removed augmenter tube and reconfigured as H-395A using mod #48) also installed 2 JATO units arresting gear and ground to air pickup equip (designed for Jaars by American engineering on Helio c/n 065) for "National Geographic Society"s Peruvian expedition equipment removed after expedition, sold '64, Blackstock Lumber co (R.V. Blackstock) WA sold '70, James Bishop AK removed crosswind gear installed tundra tires sold '75, Jerome Near & James Bishop AK install wheel skis accident pilot reported strong gusty winds caused the aircraft to veer off the runway and strike a gravel bank @ Soldotna AK 8/83 sold '86, Ron Sutphin OR for rebuild sold '89, Wayne Alsworth AK sold  '92, Andrew McGregor CO sold '99, rereg N565JS Joe Salomone CA painted with an Army L-24A paint scheme '07, New Vision Aviation (Cliff Johnsen) CA '09, Nevada Land and Wind-power llc & Baltimore clipper (James Bollin & David Burke) Chico, CA


Doug Johnson


Doug Johnson 1

Found another picture but it has no signature so don't know if its by the same caricature artist.
Because of the background detail it's possible this is a photograph photo-shopped to look like an artists rendering.

I found another caricature, I will post it tomorrow.