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c/n 1415, TF-VIK

Started by Steve Williams, January 14, 2024, 04:06:25 PM

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Steve Williams

     An accident report on the Dec 5 2005 incident involving TF-VIK can be found at By chance, someone videoed the accident and some still images are included, along with photos of the damage. The report is in Icelandic, but basically reads as follows.

     On December 5, the pilot decided to make a short private flight with 3 passengers to introduce them to the slow-flying features of the Helio Super Courier H-295. While taxiing to the runway, the pilot suddenly made the decision to start the take-off run diagonally from a parking place or 30° relative to runway direction (see Figure 1 for planned track).
During the take-off run, the pilot found the behaviour of the aircraft unusual, i.e. the tail did not lift as easily as usual. He realized then that he had forgotten to 20° wing tyres for take-off shall be installed in accordance with the checklist. Take-off run without the wing tyre is significantly longer than normal take-off. Plus, there's a limited view ahead as the tail lifts much later off the ground.
     At this point, a pilot put on a 20° wingbar. The wingbars are electrically driven and moving down slowly. The pilot saw an approaching edge of runway, so took a curved right turn as well as attempting to take off. On the turn, the right section collided elevator control, probably to the runway or to cleared snow on the runway perimeter. Tail guard the elevator rudder was dented and there was a fracture in the upper part of the control surface (see Figures 2 and 3 that below). The aircraft travelled briefly to a safety zone, then took off. The aircraft was immediately turned back in for a normal landing.
     The RNF (Icelandic Air Accident Investigation Board) was provided with a video recorded on this particular day which shows the incident. Static images from that video showing the track of the machine can be See figures 4 to 9 below.
     Barometric pressure (1011 hPa), temperature (0°C), take-off weight (3000 lb), and 20°, the runway requirement was about 100 meters. Take-off without a tyre would significantly exceed 100 metres and the available estimated distance of 150-200 metres would not have been sufficient to take off the aircraft.
     The runway at Ísafjörður Airport is 1,400 metres long and would have been sufficient to commence flight without wingbars, it would also have given sufficient scope to abort take-off.
     The cause of the incident was, in the opinion of the RNF, that the pilot took a sudden unbalanced decision to take off in an unintended area, plus the absence of a pre-takeoff checklist.