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Doug Johnson

c/n 2520, N55XV
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2 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Previous posts about N55XV or anything click on  Enter ?

c/n 2520, built 09/65 as model H-250, original registry N5464E Gus Bullock Jr (AGB Corp dealership) VT sold attended OEM Mahatten Air Support Stol Fly in 11/66, sold '66, Dr. Lawrence (Fred) Hyde KS (1st of 2) accident with a 60o left crosswind at 11 knots, gusting to 21 knots, the pilot improperly rounded out making a hard landing and collapsing the gear @ Leawood-State Line Airport KS 4/68 install 120 gal LR fuel system sold '74, James Magowan AK accident the pilot misjudged clearance on take-off from a soft runway and collided with wires/poles during the initial climb @ Palmer-Four Corners Airport AK 1/77 sold, rereg N1XV (XV is for S/Vietnam registry prefix) Ron Sutphin rebuild sold '80, Ralph Sievers (1st of 2) MT rereg N55XV (requested for c/n 1703 but ntu used here) accident aircraft ground looped during the take-off run after the pilot was unable to maintain directional control due to the tail wheel lock failing to lock the tail wheel @ Baker MT 10/80 sold '81, Dean Tremain, J.W. Fowler, & A.E. Corsini (The Company) KS repaired sold '82, Walter Weber CA sold '83, Robert Graves CA sold '84, Paul Porter El Centro, CA accident the aircraft bounced upon landing in calm wind conditions and the left main gear broke off whereupon the aircraft ground looped to the right. Inspection revealed rust on both sides of the gear strut about 6'' below the fuselage where a brace is welded to the strut. The area was hidden from view by paint @ Palm Springs CA 1/85, next accident the pilot executed a full flap 40mph landing. After touchdown the left main gear lifted off the runway and the pilot was not able to lower it using rudder, brakes, & aileron control. No attempt was made to use power to regain directional control as the aircraft ground looped to the left. The right main landing gear collapsed inboard. All landing gear fractures were due to overload conditions. The wind was from 30o left of the runway heading, at 7 kts @ Imperial CA 6/85, reg cancelled '89 as totally destroyed or scrapped

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

below manhatten Fly in click on link

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Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 2520 as N5464E
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Found a picture of c/n 2520 as N5464Ewhile at OEM Mahatten Air Support Stol Fly in 11/66.

I had intended to take this article to a photoshop and get a better picture but the photoshop went out of business and it was forgotten.

Here is a link to an article about the manhatten fly in

I opened the photo above
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Re: c/n 2520, N55XV
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Is that a Stallion in the lower right corner?

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Re: c/n 2520, N55XV
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Sure looks like it.  I think the article about that even said there was a Courier, a Stallion, and a DH Buffalo in addition to a couple other things.

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Re: c/n 2520 as N5464E
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OK there is someone looking at these posts that is Helio stallion prototype no. 1 as N10038 now N550TG. check out that Manhatten fly in link.
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