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Bonding adhesive for door skin

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Can anyone suggest the product that is used for bonding the door skin to the fiberglass door panel? I suspect that it would have to be a product that has a slow curing properties.

They're normally riveted, not bonded. If you bond it, make sure you have the fit right because you won't change it when the glue hardens! Jim

Doug Johnson:
I used aircraft strutural adhesive by 3M called Scotch weld on a cessna 172 project (but not my Helio) I asked what Boeing used on their jets. I fitted everything using clecos with holes for flush rivets on corners and curves instead of trying to clamp things together I had a rivet about every 4 to 6 inches. I put the glue on then rivited everything together. That project was aluminum to aluminum. Boeing uses it to glue their floors in with it. On another project where I was gluing fabric to fiberglas it kept coming apart using contact cement. Can't remember what kind it was. So I used a  contact cement glue the Caterpillar co. makes called "Attach Glue" I think they glue windshields in with it. And I glued in my door seals on the Helio with 3M door seal adhesive from the automotive store.

Personally I really think you could put all the skins on a Helio at least around the cage with 3M Scotch weld and eliminate all the rivet lines. I would still use flush rivets at the corners.

I just remembered I think that was the same glue I used to attach the Sportsman Stol leading edge to my 172.

Gordon Cragg:
As Jim M. has posted the normal procedure is to rivet the royalite or fiberglass to the aluminum structure.
The issue is that once bonded, it is what it is.
I made a fiberglass mold for the doors, however, I used the doors off a wrecked H-800 for my H-295. It took Jim a number of hours to get the doors to fit properly.
Gordon Cragg

Doug Johnson:
You can can use heat to take aluminum bonded to aluminum apart I used a heat gun designed to weld plastic, a propane torch would probably work too, you have to work quickly to keep from warping things, probably wouldn't work on fiberglas to aluminum


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