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c/n 2512, N5455E
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6 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 2512, built 05/65 as model H-250, original registry N5455E Great Lakes Helio, Division of Taylor Electric inc, MI sold '65, Contracting & Materials IL (Frank Cagney) sold '75, John Roberts ltd (deaer) SC '75, C.N Agnew Jr MA sold '96, Edward Anderson accident while landing at home strip the pilot got behind the power curve landed short and hard in mud damaged landing gear attach cluster cowling and prop @ Private strip near Kenai AK '05 sold '15, Benny Meyers (1st of 6), Wasilla AK, repair project replaced cowling with fiberglass duplicate with NACA air inlets installed LED landing lts, wings used to repair c/n 627 sold '15, Wasilla AK currently repair project nearing completion

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

sorry I guess you have to turn your head sideways

project is nearing completion

Brochure includes 1st pic above

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Re: c/n 2512, N5455E
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added picture and 3 pages of  Factory brochure includes pic of c/n 2517
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Re: c/n 2512, N5455E
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Here is another repair progress photo of c/n 2512 which is nearing completion.
Take note of the interesting new clean looking more aerodynamic Fiberglas lower
cowling that was talked about in the recent post on c/n 627. The cabin air and heat
inlets are now NACA style inlets and the landing/taxi Lts are flush mounted LEDS.

As much drag as the Helio has, in my opinion every little bit of aerodynamic
cleanup helps, if not in speed, probably in long term fuel burn economy, also
in my opinion it generally just looks better.

I wonder which wings Ben will use maybe he will take them back off of c/n 627
or maybe he has, I would think he would want the 60 gal wings back on 2512
and 120 gal wings on c/n 627 a H-395.

I opened the photo above in the photo quue.
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