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This website has been invaluable to me as a new Helio owner trying to maximize my techinique and understand this machine. It seems to be a target now of spammers. Not being a computer person, is there a way to wall these people off from destroying this useful communications tool?


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I brought this up several months ago and I was supposed to have some access to deleting such thugs. The administrator of this site could actually give a damn. I've checked these profiles and they are everywhere on all kinds of forums and never post, but once. I've tried communicating with the folks involved only to find no response.

Time for me to put up a new site elsewhere

Doug Johnson

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What this site needs is some lists. A list of all the STC's. A list of 337's (hopefully provided by all the Helio owners) .
Lists of owner's (would have to be updated periodically). A list of People to contact for assistance  (a lot of the people that I knew are deceased, Larry Montgomery, Dean Tremaine, Clarence Brent. the only ones I still know are Jim Danish, Jim Metzler, Ken Noe, The people at Wright air service in  Alaska (Since I was in Anchorage they alway's seemed to want me to bring the Helio to them, understandable) Lists  that I haven't thought of What I'm getting at is access to to Information without dozens of Google Searchs. Easly accessable Information. Lists of Maintanace Manuels and Training Manuels and most important where to find them. Lists and more lists.

We need a Helio Association. Lke Cessna Association. I used to belong to them when I was flying Cessnas. I think they tried to start a Helio Association back in 1994 or 5 but not enough people responded and they gave it up.

Anyway thats what I think.