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c/n 1719, N18JC
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4 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1719, built 10/74 as model HT-295, original registry N68890 (reg used on c/n 1712) John Roberts SC (dealer) sold 12/74, special registry N18JC assigned (previously used on c/n 1712) (James) Combs Processing co KT (4th of 5) sold '84, Robert Phillips FL sold '90, Forest Farms (George Peake) GA requests special registry (N444GP ntu previously used on c/n 2508 then 1221) sold '90, Balgray Air inc (Linda Getzone) DE sold '94, Clear Lake lumber inc PA sold '95, Delta-Boone Air (H. Younce) TN sold '96, Lilliput corp (Arthur Bryant) VA sold '97, Winged Vision inc [Bob Mikkelson (1st of 2)] Laytonsville, MD modified Helio with U-10 Hard points and pylons (developed STC), on left wing for camera, FLIR Systems Ultramedia II camera; and an FLIR Systems Gimbal at fuselage Station 100.00, set up as aerial camera platform mainly for televised sporting events

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Note the camera hardpoint on the left wing

 1st AOPA article

  2nd AOPA article

 3rd article is a reprint of the first just more pictures

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Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 1719, N18JC
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Added mag  article

Doug Johnson

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added first AOPA article

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Re: c/n 1719, N18JC
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I do

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Re: c/n 1719, N18JC
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while checking to find if I had posted the Jan '01 AOPA article I discovered I  had never posted the cover Picture and I cant find my original copy.

Anyone have a better picture of the cover? I sent the article back to Gordon so I can't recopy it.

Thanks Barry, I resized it and opened it at top of the article.
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Re: c/n 1719, N18JC
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I've been asked over the years how the article happened. Here goes.  In the summer of 2000 my first pilot was moving on so I thought I'd take the plane to the AOPA Fly In at Frederick (FDK).   At the time we had a hanger at Manassas (HEF).  We hung the camera and put a sign in the window seeking a pilot.  On Saturday morning AOPA Pilot staff came out of their headquarters, saw the Helio and their jaws dropped.  First thing they said was "we have got to put that in the magazine."  Pictures were taken in October.  Interesting story.  While I was getting back into flying, I hadn't gotten my instrument rating.  I had about 700 total and 35-40 hrs actual that I had flown with my CFII pilot over the past 24 months.  So I took a 5 day instrument course in Tucson durning Jan 2001.   On Friday late afternoon I'm in the plane with the FAA examiner ready to go out for my check ride and a guy comes running out of the FBO waving the AOPA magazine with 18JC on the cover.  Runs over to the plane and asks me to sign the cover.  A little awkward with the examiner sitting next to me.  Anyway, I passed.       

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Re: c/n 1719, N18JC
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That's a pretty hilarious story.  I've got that issue here at the house still somewhere.  Always great to see Helios getting some press!

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Re: c/n 1719, N18JC
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Found a picture of c/n 1719 in flight at Airhistory, probably enroute since the camera isn't mounted but the hard points stand out on the wing so well and don't have a lot of pictures of 1719. I decided to post it.

I will open it above at the top of the page as #4 in the photo queue.
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