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c/n 1463, N68857

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Doug Johnson:
8 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1463, built 12/73 as model H-295, original registry N68857 John Roberts ltd SC (dealer) sold '77, Roy Menlove UT leases to Universal Rockwell Aerial Surveying (Wilford Ruf) installed camera port sold '83, Goodfellow corp (Lynn Goodfellow) UT sold '84, Hubbard Broadcasting inc (Stanley Hubbard 3rd of 4) MN install 3,800lb Up-gross sold '86, Ken Noe KT sold '90, Teufel Nursery of WA (Tom Teufel) installed Rotomaster turbocharger using Rajay/Riley STC placed on Airglas Tundra tires sold '90, Mark Gainey & John Russell TX accident take-off @ Bulverde TX 5/91 next accident takeoff @ Laramie WY 7/92, American Missionary serv Puerto Rico (David Taylor) SC '95 sold '95, Prof Fate inc (Jim Jannard) WA sold '95, Helio Enterprises (David Maytag #1 Partner Helio LLC) WA sold '97, Sam Stainton CO estate '12, Julie, Zelma & Betty Stainton VT sold '12, James Hohlt, Guadalupe TX sold 2/15, Bursiel Equipment inc Wright Air (Bob Bursiel) Fairbanks, AK (12th of 13) Accident on take off from an 800-ft-long remote, unimproved airstrip that had accumulated between 1 and 2 inches of wet snow. airplane accelerated normally but failed to become airborne at his established go/no-go decision point (about 400 ft down the airstrip). With about one-third of the airstrip remaining, he realized that, if he rejected the takeoff, he would be unable to stop the airplane on the remaining airstrip due to the wet snow. So, the pilot chose to continue the takeoff through the low brush at the end of the airstrip. The airplane became airborne, settled back to the ground, and then became airborne again. The main landing gear impacted brush on a small embankment, and the airplane then began to settle. The pilot saw a clear area ahead of the airstrip that led into a creek bed; he reduced the power to idle and held full-aft pressure on the control yoke. The airplane settled to the surface in a three-point attitude and came to rest in the creek bed, which resulted in substantial damage to the vertical stabilizer @ Delta Junction, AK 11/16, repaired and returned to service, Accident on takeoff @ near Fairbanks AK 9/20 reportedly repaired and returned to service

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Note in this early picture with its paint scheme the N registry mark is barely discernible. Because of Tundra tires I believe this is while owned by Teufel brothers.

Doug Johnson:
I found a couple of pictures of 1463 referring to the accident in 2016 but no description of accident in 2020

I will place them in the picture queue at the top of the page

Au Miner:
I think the older picture of Bob standing in front of the Helio is actually N42DC, C/N 1454, of which there are no photos.  I remember that plane when I would walk by Wright Air while in college on my way down to flight training many years ago I am pretty sure it had that color scheme, I could be wrong.  The photo is older than when Wright bought 857.

Doug Johnson:
Thanks Bill for the help. Now we only have 143 helios that we dont have photos of. I moved the photo. Since the photo doesn't show the registry mark and both were owned by Bob at one time I probably thought it was 1463 because of the color scheme. I will do an edit and move it to where it belongs and now we have at least one photo under c/n 1454, and it may make it easier to identify a picture with a partial registry in the future now that we know the proper color scheme of 1454.

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Doug Johnson:
Bill, which helio do you think this is see this previous post;topic=1398.0;attach=7329;image


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