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c/n 1458, N6493V

Started by Doug Johnson, May 26, 2015, 08:46:35 AM

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Doug Johnson

1 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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see 1501

c/n 1458, originally built 10/73 as a prototype H-295B model c/n 1501, then converted 11/73, to 1400 series H-295 original  registry N6493V (retained after conversion), c/n 1501 was an H-295B model as per Statement of Conformity, and was placed in experimental category as an H-295B to show compliance with FARs for the following minor deviations: a Lycoming IGO-480-A1B6 engine; revised electric flap and trim systems (Ref: Helio Drawing 295-000-002) The 1500 series was to be an upgrade to the 1400 series as a model H-295B an engine variant of the H and HT-295 Helios, the 1500 series project was discontinued after extensive testing with Lycomings assistance, reportedly because of inability to cure the problem of the fuel injection causing the geared engine to run rough at low RPM power settings, 11/73 c/n 1501 was placed in the 1400 series production line and the construction no. was changed to 1458 (N6493V) at the Pittsburg, KS Factory

N6493V c/n 1458 was the first Helio with a GO-480-G1A6 engine (on airworthiness certificate) sold 11/73, John Roberts ltd SC (dealer) 05/74, first owners Louis Siracusa & Richard Wandrocke (aka Rusty Pelican & Ancient Mariner) CA installed Rajay Turbocharger sold '75, Brice inc (Sam Brice) AK accident aircraft ground looped during the landing roll and the gear collapsed through overload failure @ Fairbanks AK 4/76, sold '77, Wright Air Service (Al Wright) AK (4th of 11) installed Fernandez 8000 skis installed 24x10x6 tires wheel and brakes & 10'' tailwheel and fork (#95-32039) sold '80, Lee Pete AK installed 850x10 Goodyear tires and Cleveland double puck brakes removed 10'' tailwheel install original incident landed on road when pilot noted a rapid drop in fuel quantity & vapor from wing. Fuel cap was cocked, allowing siphoning @ Fairbanks AK 07/88, Vixie Rochester & James Metheney Clear, AK accident pilot was attempting to land at a remote private airstrip to pick up a  passenger. He reported that he landed hard, and that the left main gear collapsed. He said his total flight experience in this type of aircraft was only 55 hours and feels his lack of experience in the type was a contributory factor @ Clear AK 6/88, accident not reported or investigated details revealed in next incident @ unknown place AK 4/90, next accident the pilot had indicated to Bettles that he had lost power and had a fire on board, on-site examination showed that the right wing, both ailerons, left flap, rudder, vertical fin and stabilator had all separated from the aircraft in flight. Engine examination revealed extensive fire damage to the #5 cylinder, the head area having been completely consumed by fire. The rod cap and one bolt could not be found at the wreckage site. Investigation revealed aircraft and pilot were involved in a previous landing accident 4 months prior to this substantially damaging the aircraft major repairs were made to the airframe, the engine nose case was removed and overhauled, and the propeller was overhauled. Lycoming SB recommends engine tear down after sudden stoppage; no record of compliance, A/C was destroyed by inflight engine fire and losing control subsequent wing separation @ 40 miles southeast of Bettles AK 8/90, crashed destroyed fire, dereg 8/91

       The minor changes to flap and trim on c/n 1501 were retained and used on further 1400s and all 1700s
      1st of 40 Helios delivered from the Factory with Lycoming GO-480-G1A6 as standard equipment

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.