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c/n 1422, N6471V

Started by Doug Johnson, May 14, 2015, 09:11:36 AM

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Doug Johnson

5 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

There are several previous posts about 1422 and its recovery. Numerous pictures also.

Previous posts about N6471V or anything click on  Enter ?

c/n 1422, built 02/70 as model H-295, original registry N6471V Factory installed 120 gal LR fuel, El Paso Natural Gas co TX placed on Seamaster 3500 amphib floats sold '76, Mark Murdock AK sold '05, Ken Berger (Berger Leasing) WA accident according to the pilot, he landed the float plane on the lake and back taxied for take-off. The take-off was normal until the airplane reached an altitude of 50'-75' at which point he noticed that the engine was producing only “2/3rds power with full throttle.” The pilot was concerned about not being able to clear trees at the end of the lake if he continued straight ahead, so he elected to execute a 180o turn and land back on the lake. while making a steep left turn the pilot got behind the power curve, the airplane lost lift, and the landing was hard. The airplane began to rapidly fill with water, and the pilot and passenger exited through the rear cabin door. As the pilot and passenger were swimming to shore, the airplane completely submerged. The airplane was not recovered from the lake, for nearly a year which hindered the determination of the partial loss of engine power @ Lake Isabel WA 10/06, aircraft recovered from depth of 90' in high mountain lake ''Isabelle'' now called “Isabelle” during restoration parts for repair and para-drop door installed from c/n 1239 Ken Berger Monroe, WA estate sale 12/14, sold 9/15 Doug Schrage Fairbanks AK


As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

More photos here


Doug Johnson

new update to see description above

estate sale 12/14, currently for sale,

Now sold 9/15 Doug Schrage Fairbanks AK

En-route to AK yesterday

Doug Johnson 1

I found this photo in my files of c/n 1422, N6471V and while doing a search here to find if I'd posted it
I found some links to other posts with pictures of N6471V. Anyone know if this pic was taken in AK?

Doug Schrage

That is at Firstair Field, W16.

Doug Johnson

ran across a couple picture decided to post them and open them as 3 and 5 in the que above