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Fast Bush plane

Started by Doug Johnson 1, August 07, 2018, 11:10:33 PM

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Doug Johnson 1

Hey everyone,
I was roaming around the web searching for Helio pictures when I ran across this photo of a Wilga and thought if you did all the possible speed mods on a Helio it would probably start to look like this.

Then while trying to find a little more about the Wilga 2000 they only made 24 I ran acoss this U tube video that you may find interesting as well as amusing.

If it just had a Helio wing with slats, Friese ailerons and interceptors and the stabilator tail it would really be interesting.

If you went to Oshkosh this year you may have seen this wilga I posted a link to.

click on this link

then click on this one