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c/n 1461, N295SC
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6 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1461, built 11/73 as model H-295, original registry N6496V John Roberts SC (dealer) installed 120 gal LR fuel system fuel system '74, various brokers '75, dereg export rereg RP-C6496 Philippines Far East Molasses corp (Patrick Parsons 1st of 2 Helios) sold '?, P.O. Archibald removed dual flight controls copilots side '99, dereg export rereg as N295SC (for H-295 Southern CA) Ken Lawson CA sold '08, Kris & Dr. Matt Nolan (Jago River Holdings llc) Fairbanks, AK placed on Fluidyne 3500 wheel skis accident the pilot on a passenger flight, was landing on a snow-covered glacier surrounded by mountains. During the approach to the glacier, the pilot said she encountered a strong downdraft as the airplane passed a ridge line. The airplane descended below her anticipated approach path, and she began procedures for a go-around, but unable to stop the descent the airplane landed hard, about 200 feet short of the intended touchdown point. During touchdown, the airplaneā€™s right main landing gear axle broke, which pivoted the airplane to the right. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the left side of the fuselage. the pilot reported that there were no previous mechanical problems with the airplane. She indicated that the surface wind on the glacier itself was light and variable, in contrast to the downdraft she encountered @ near Kaktovik AK 5/09, installed 3,800lb up-gross camera port in belly and extended exhaust system last accident while attempting to take off from an east/west taxiway due to strong cross winds on the north/south runway the airplane ground looped and collided with a concrete barrier, the pilot was not injured, but the two passengers sustained serious injuries, visual meteorological conditions prevailed @ Happy Valley North Slope AK 6/12 dbr, reg expired '14 dereg '17, serious damage, currently being stored in lot of Kevin Wyckoff Wasilla AK- Alaska Claims Services sold salvage to Matt Nolan, he would like to restore the a/c but it will probably be salvaged for wings and interior parts

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Helio c/n 1461 refueling at Luqua, Malta enroute to Beirut and then on toward the Philippines.

RP-C6496 originally had the a green/tan paint color scheme before it went to a white/orange stripes color scheme so it wouldn't be confused for RP military and possibly be shot at by the rebel insurgents back then.

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Re: c/n 1461, N295SC
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updated history paragraph probably salvage for interior parts, and long range wings 

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Re: c/n 1461, as RP-C6496
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I just received a couple photos from Patrick Parsons jr of c/n 1461 as RP-C6496 he says 6496 originally had the a green/tan paint color scheme before it went to a white/orange stripes color scheme so it wouldn't be confused for RP military and possibly be shot at by the rebel insurgents back then.

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Re: c/n 1461, as N6496V
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I found a B/W photo of c/n 1461 as N6496V, it reportedly had Green/Tan color scheme.

Posted it above and will open it in the photo queue above as #1

The Photo caption says the a/c is enroute from Naples to Luqua, Malta departing for Beirut.

The aircraft is being ferried to the Philippines I checked the distance and its just over a 1200 miles Malta to Beirut.

I noticed it has 120 gallon fuel tanks along with a ferry tank that looks like another 100 gallons of fuel. I've noticed on several Factory ferry flights that the ferry tank has been 110/120 gallons with 90 gallons usable.

Are there any ferry pilots out there that might have any idea what the route might be and its next stop after Beirut.

It appears this pilot has a range of about 2000 miles and likes to refuel when he gets to half empty.
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Re: c/n 1461, N295SC
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Hi Doug-  I spent a good bit of time in Malta over a couple of years in mid-eighties.  Very interesting historic place.  At the center of the wheel between Europe and N. Africa , Egypt and Libya with curious goings-on there in those days and even today ( I stopped for fuel a couple of years ago), I might say "somewhat corruptible?"
Anyway- back in the eighties it was a backwater for some stray airplanes (like Cyprus) and I remember a number of Caribou's there (DHC-4)  Did not see any Helios but I note a number of them passing through in the logs enroute to Beirut.  At least one H500 and the others may have been Stallions.  Some Couriers as well. Cheers/  BW

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Re: c/n 1461, N295SC
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There are other people out there!

BW, I mentioned in another post it is only 60 miles from Sicily.  Probably some other things bled over as well, and is sometimes called the belly button of the Mediterranean being in the center. My understanding of Malta is that the government is extremely liberal almost socialist since the Brits left which leads to corruption. look at whats going on around us.

The others were H-500s as well when you check the registry numbers.