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c/n 1412, N43G

Started by Doug Johnson, May 10, 2015, 05:14:02 AM

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Doug Johnson

12 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1412, built 04/69 as model H-295 original registry N6462V Alexander Kazmarck NJ sold '72, Greer Brothers Inc (John Kopp) KT accident on takeoff pilot unfamiliar with aircraft lost directional control ground looped and struck ditches @ Kee Fld Pineville WV 9/72 sold '72, rereg N43G Greer Brothers sold '76, P.B. Odom OK sold '76, Jay Miller TX sold '80, P.B. Odom OK sold '80, John Leroux WY sold '90, Joe Suter accident with winds gusting and variable, the pilot lost directional control of the aircraft during the landing rollout and it veered off the runway @ Williamsport-Regional Airport 10/91 sold '93, Leif Torgerson sold '94, Michael Lang WA placed on Tritan 3500 amphib floats install 3,800lb up-gross sold '96, export Canada Andy & Sons inc (John Anderson) The Pas, Manitoba, accident not reported or investigated with signifigant damage no other details @ unknown place and time, N43G reg expired  (C-reg pending) repairs have been made to point in picture '01 by John Anderson, project in progress stored ouside at paint shop from '03-'15 it appears that it will be sold with Mr. Andersons estate currently located near Winnipeg

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.



Morning Doug,
I tried to buy this aircraft some 8 years ago. It was involved in an accident and sustained significant damage. All the skins were repaired and it was taken to the paint shop where it is still sitting. Little work has been done for the last 12+ years.  I can send a few pictures.


I have attached a picture I took yesterday. This aircraft has sat it its present state for a least 15 years now. It has never been registered in Canada, which is a whole other issue with this plane. This plane has been deteriorating and has sustained a few nicks and bruises throughout the years as a result of sitting in the elements for 12-15 years.
I spoke to Jim Danish about this aircraft, for the purpose of determining market value and possible purchase. I then spoke to John Anderson, however, he wasn't interested.
That was ~8 years ago.

Doug Johnson

Robert, I appreciate the pictures I opened it above and the current information. Is it still located, at The Pas?

see my edit above


John Anderson lives in The Pas, MB. The aircraft is parked north of Winnipeg at my local airport.

Doug Johnson

Edit; I found a picture of c/n 1295 and opened it as 1412 in the queue above. It was removed

Robert, has c/n 1412s status changed in the last 5 years.


Evening Doug,

Some fellows came by to work on the plane a few years back. They bolted the engine on, no prop. The interior is still torn apart, someone smashed all the glass on the instruments within the last year. The flaps are still off, no slats, rudder, etc. They asked to buy a spare tail wheel from me which was put on.
The plane is quite a project with bird's nest, mice, a parts missing.

The painter never did finish the job, apparently was not paid for work done. Windows still have foil tape on them!

By the way Doug, I have US funds for you, for my contribution to the site. How can I get it to you.

I noticed you reference 6462, but the aircraft picture is 6452.

Doug Johnson

Robert, Thanks for bringing that error to my attention. I made an error when I looked at the thumbnail of the picture some how I thought I was seeing N6462V. I will remove the picture that actually should be with c/n 1295 and we're back to only one photo.

As far as your contribution, converting Canadian to US currency is a pain. I have basically been out of the loop for the last 6 months caring for my 94 year old mother but hope to get back in the swing of things. I still hope to get a paypal account with a link to the site to make donations, and that needs to hapen by November when the normal fees come due.

In the mean time I am trying to get caught up with Ranch stuff, so please bear with me.

Thanks for the update though its a shame, it seems to be one of those somewhat abandoned airplanes that will probably continue to be vandalized. I remember when I was a kid, good grief that was 60 years ago, all kids knew that airplanes were protected by the Feds and if you did any kind of sabotage or damage to them, J. Edgar Hoovers 'FBI' and Inspector Lewis Erskine would come looking for you.

I guess in your case it would have been the Mounties. Seargent Preston wasn't it?