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Operating costs of a Helio Courier
« on: March 18, 2022, 10:35:18 PM »
Good evening everyone. Im trying to decide if I can afford to own and operate a Helio Courier. I grew up across the street from Lowell Thomas Jr who flew a Helio all over the state of Alaska. I am totally set on them. I think they are such an amazing feat of engineering and incredible performers.

Everyone I talk to says Helios are more expensive , heck planes are expensive period. I’ve been told a new engine if your able to find one could be $30-60,000. I also understand that annuals, depending on what additional work needs to be done besides the inspection, will greatly sway the cost and time necessary.

But for any of those long or short time Helio owners, if you could give me a reasonable expectation for owning, operating and common repairs that have to be done with their costs? Thank you so much!


Re: Operating costs of a Helio Courier
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I don't have a number for you as I don't track it.  I have owned my Helio for about 20yrs so I have some experience.  Basically I have never had to buy or extensively repair a Hello specific part.  I have had one cylinder honed and re-ringed.  Based on this I would say the cost is about the same as a C185.


Re: Operating costs of a Helio Courier
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That’s good to hear. Speaking with a local. They’ve said it’s difficult to find specific things, but doable.