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c/n 1443, N62JA
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19 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Previous posts about N62JA or anything click on  Enter ?

c/n 1443, built 06/72 as model H-295, original registry N22AC Factory requests special registry for client, D.R. Allen & sons inc (Richard Allen) NC accident while enroute from Martinsville Virginia to Tullahoma Tennessee the engine failed because the cam shaft attach bolts had sheared, an off airport forced landing was made on rough and uneven ground, during which the gear collapsed @ near Jefferson NC 6/74 sold as wreck, (Jaars 31st Helio of 46) NC major repair in '77 removed electrical flaps and trim replaced with manual sys install 3,800lb up-gross & belly pod individual energy absorbing seats on brownline tracks and Jaars brace tube modified tailwheel A-frame, outboard fuel tanks not replaced used for STOL operations training '04, rereg N62JA Jaars Waxhaw, NC sold 06/19, to 20RIGHT LLC (Helio Alaska, Abe and Lukas) AK installed Alaska Bushwheels and the later style 7/800 series Factory optional bolt together tailwheel fork with 15x6.00-5 tailwheel.
        The registry that the factory intended to place on the a/c N6489V is available


As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Below N62JA winning 2021 Valdez 'Short Take Off Landing"
link to Valdez fly in and more photos click on

These photos kind of show what having a Bush capable airplane in Alaska is all about especially a Helio and you can see those Tundra tires and large tailwheel probably came in handy turning around there you probably don't have to quite so aggressive to keep from getting hung up in the brush.

 I wonder if they miss the long range outboard fuel tanks on a trip like this.

This photo kind of puzzled me the caption says big dipper and you can see the big dipper in the photo but you can see he glow from the setting sun and here in NE that's pretty much in the west but then I realized the Photo was taken quite a ways north of Anchorage and the sun is still setting in the North west. It's been so long since I'd looked for the 'Big dipper' and then lined up to locate the North star I'd forgotten how far west of North the 'the Big dipper' is. I lined up the front two stars of the dipper to find the 'North star' and found it is out of the photo in the upper right corner of the photo, then the picture is in its proper perspective. 

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Re: c/n 1443, N62JA
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#1443, N62JA, H-295 FOR SALE $169K
link to previous post with sale info file click here;topicseen#msg6245

If I was still flying Helios I think I would buy this Helio even though it doesnt have the speed mod kit, to get a set of the crash resistant energy absorbing seats.

I'd make two copies of them then resell the Airplane.

opened photos in the lineup above
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Re: c/n 1443, N62JA
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This airplane will be in Helio Row 75W or 76W in Type Club area at Oshkosh.

We will get some good photos of it even if it gets a new owner.


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Re: c/n 1443, N62JA
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Here are a couple pictures of c/n 1443 in Alaska. I lifted one from the Helio Facebook page.

The Jaars mark has been removed from the tail and the Helio is now owned by someone from Chugiach.

Anyone know who that 'somone from chugiach AK' is?
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Re: c/n 1443, N62JA
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20 Right LLC is the new owner.

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Re: c/n 1443, N62JA
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Yes Steve, I know that by looking up the N registry, but who or what is 20 right LLC, on the N registry it is shown as "20right". When I did a google search for "20 Right LLC" I found nothing not even an LLC. When I did a search for "20right LLC' I found a link to the N-reg, a link to an Chugach Alaska Native corp, a link to Twentieth Century Realty in AK, and a link to Key words '20right' being one of them but nothing that really led to an owner or operators name.

So I ask you personally what is the name of the person in Chugach AK that usually flies the airplane for this "20right Limited Liability Corporation" and is this LLC just a holding co.
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Re: c/n 1443, N62JA
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Found some pictures at Instagram of c/n 1443 with the Helio Alaska guys Abe and Lukas not sure who is where in the photos.

But did figure out they are the owners of c/n 1443.

I opened the pictures of  c/n 1443 above

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Re: c/n 1443, N62JA
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I found three instagram photos posted by Abe that are kind of interesting, of the Helio Alaska guys on a moose hunt the caption says "no Moose were hurt while taking these pictures".

I wonder where the photos were taken and if they used a drone to take the them.

I'll open them above with captions.

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