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c/n 1289, N6347V
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2 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1289, built 04/68 as model H-295 with factory installed turbo charger, original registry N6347V Edward DeBartolo OH (2nd of 4) sold '73, Tommy Wright (Wings of Grace Baptist Mission) FL removed round porthole windows and sling seat (5 & 6) for an enlarged heavy duty cargo area (3rd of 5) 1st done as option on c/n 515 then c/n 1004 next 3 were mods on c/n 1289 then c/n 1232 then c/n 514) 04/75 installed 120 gal LR fuel sys sold 08/75, John Roberts (dealer) SC sold 08/75, Thomas R. Padgett CA sold 07/80, Emmett J. Warren AZ accident not reported or investigated no details @ unknown time and place sold 04/81, The Company (Partners: J. W. Fowler, Gerald D. Tremain & A. E. Corsini, Dean removed repaired right wing replaced carry through spar motor mount & landing gear sold 01/82, Michael Hines OK accident pilot ground looped the aircraft during landing with a 15-20 knots estimated crosswind component. There was minor damage to wing tip @ Miami FL 10/96 - '97 modified using 1 of 4 factory incomplete H-7/800 fuselage and wings probably H-21 converting it to H-600 ?, automatically increasing gross to 3800 lb and eliminating carry-thru AD sold '04, Michael Hines accident 1 fatality the commercial pilot, sole owner occupant of the airplane was fatally injured when it impacted trees and terrain under unknown circumstances. A visual flight rules (VFR) flight plan was filed for the in the international flight that originated from the Ilopango Airport, near San Salvador, in the Republic of El Salvador with La Ceiba, Department of Lempira, Honduras, as its intended destination @ near La Campa Honduras 7/04, reported destroyed reg expired '14 dereg 12/18/color]

Photo below taken in Panama '85

Below (note dorsal fin and paint scheme) a/c has been converted to an H-600 using a Factory incomplete H-7/800 fuselage and wings in '97
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Re: c/n 1289, N6347V
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Added photo above and opened it as #1

Interesting photo since it as small numbers for the registry mark it must be in the canal zone before it was turned over to the country of Panama.

Wouldn't the a/c have to have large numbers to be legal for the flight to Panama?

When was the 'Canal Zone' turned over to Panama, I have forgotten when. Carter era right?

I wonder what happened to the original fuselage when it was refurbished with an H-800 fuselage.

Ken Noe probably used it to rebuild another Helio but which one?
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Re: c/n 1289, N6347V
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I wonder what happened to the original fuselage when it was refurbished with an H-800 fuselage.

Who did that work ? 


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Re: c/n 1289, N6347V
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I'm pretty sure H-19 and 20 were completed for the Nicaragua military they just never got an export airworthiness certificate.

I'm pretty sure it was the same person that rebuilt C-GZZL using H-23, We know that because you sent me a picture of the tag  one of the other 3 incomplete H-800s was used on 1289 maybe H-21.

We know H-22 was completed and is flying.

we know another one of the incomplete H-800s was used to rebuild H-9 maybe it was H-24?

And last I knew about 20 years ago Ken Noe had one left maybe it was H-25?

As far as the original fuselage for 1289 if it was the same guy that that rebuilt C-GZZL he may still have it or it might be a secret.