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c/n 1282, N2267Z

Started by Doug Johnson, May 01, 2015, 04:35:47 AM

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Doug Johnson

7 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1282, built 09/67 as model H-295 export registry 8R-GCU Guyana Defense Force withdrawn from use, stored Port Kaituma airstrip sold '79, Anthony Tiri (B&B Vineyards) NJ imported as c/n 1282 sold '82, (The Company) Partners: J. W. Fowler, A. E. Corsini & Dean Tremain KS reg as N2267Z installed 3,800lb up-gross sold '84, Jomax inc (W. Lomax) AK sold '86, Joe Terrell AK (Terell Construction 2nd Helio of 3) sold '93, H. Watt & Scott Inc AK sold '96, Inland Aviation (Steve Hill) Aniak AK placed on floats (placed in restricted category external loads AK only), reg expired '13, estate Inland Aviation (son in law Mike Renfro) AK rereg 04/14, Michael Renfro Bethel, sold 11/17, Alan McHone Palmer, AK installed new instrument panel, reupholstered seats, new windshield

There is some speculation that after the Guyana Defense Force removed c/n 1282 from service, it was surplussed to The "Jim Jones Koolaid Cult" because c/n 1282 and c/n 1233 were stored at Port Kaituma Airstrip which is sometimes referred to as the Jim Jones Airpark.
There were also some deaths associated with the cult at the Airport. I was unable to verify anything but the fact is that the two Helios were stored at the Airport.
If they had been given to the cult when the possessions of the Cult were disposed of after the mass suicide pact, c/n 1282 and c/n 1233 reverted back to The Guyana Police Commissioner who sold them to Anthony Tiri.

Photo below taken at Georgetown, Guyana '72


Doug Johnson

Anyone have the latest on this Helio

found this add dated 11/15



This one is still for sale.  Currently being sold by Alaska Aircraft Sales.  Asking price is 120k.  Price is getting more reasonable than the previous and almost laughable 185k

Doug Johnson 1

I recently found this photo and added it to my collection. Interesting background appears to be lake hood Anchorage, AK.

I just noticed the top picture was one I took while shopping for a Helio in '93, I'm surprised I don't have more photos, they must have gotten lost over the years. It was owned by Joe Terrell at the time and he wanted more money than I could afford at the time. Interestingly I wound up buying c/n 1233 which was the other one of the two brought back from from British Guiana.


I talked Renfro about this Helio, He said if his pilots didn't fly them like cessna's he would have a whole fleet of them. He couldn't afford to have a designated Helio pilot. If it didn't sell before hunting seasion he was going to put it back into service.


  My buddy picked up 2267Z and is in the process of giving the old girl a little face lift starting with a new dash panel,inter fire wall, had all 6 seats  reupholstered, new Winsheild and changed the color

Doug Johnson 1

I finally got a current picture the coor or scheme hasn't changed as far as I can see?

I will open it in the photo queue above

Doug Johnson

I found a couple photos of c/n 1282 one that was taken at Soldotna AK in '15 the other as 8R-GCU taken at Georgetown '72.

I will open as the first photo and the last photo above.

compare the photo of 1282 as 8R-GCU with 1233 in the previous post.