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Title: Left Hand Utility Door Installation
Post by: Gordon Cragg on August 20, 2011, 05:36:06 PM
Hello All!!
A number of you know that my H-295, C/N 1432 left the factory without the LH Utility Door. I have wanted to have a door installed before the aircraft went to the paint shop...but time was running short. The wife would no longer fly in the was just to ugly???, something about looking like an old Chevy (Is that so bad?).
Anyway, as much as I hate to see any Helio scrapped, JAAR's has made the decision that it was not economically feasible to repair H-295, N60JA, C/N 1240. This is, of course, the Courier damaged by a tornado at Sun-N-Fun this year. C/N 1240 had the STC'd JAAR's swing back door installed and we have made a deal to remove and install in my Courier. Jim Metzler is going to do the work through his Helio Services, LLC. I am going to fly my "VERY UGLY PAINT JOB" Helio over to North Carolina to have the work accomplished. I plan on having all the work detailed and posted on the site for everyone to see and enjoy.
So again, the wife gets what she wants????
Gordon Cragg