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Title: 'Helio Alaska' at Valdez
Post by: Doug Johnson on June 02, 2021, 04:39:41 PM
Abe Harman (Helio Alaska inc) sent me the following email and some pictures of Lukas (Helio Alaska inc) in N62A (c/n 1443) in the process of winning the over all grand champion award at 'The Valdez Fly-in', a pretty fair accomplishment in my book. I will share with the rest of you guys and open them here.

I recently saw something at 'Back country Pilot' about I suppose we'll all have to buy Helios now. I was wondering what that was all about, I probably know now.

Now a couple of You 'Helio Pilot Wizards' need to give him some competition, and show the back country pilots what a basically stock Helio can really do, although you have to admit Lukas is a pretty hot pilot. I wonder if removing the baggage pod would have made any difference in performance, Ive heard removing it helps performance but I doubt if it would have made much difference in take off and landing a little less weight maybe a couple feet for a 107' take off to match the Super Cub...?

Link to history paragraph N62JA

E-mail Below, Thank You Abe for sharing this with us
 Note the 'Helio Alaska' Logo at the bottom of the e-mail.
STOL results note Helio is the overall winner even beating out the Cubs
The Award with Abe, Lukas, and their employee/engineer, whats his name
Line up
1st Landing
2nd landing
competition takeoff
competition landing
stop distance
Flour bomb
Flour bomb
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Title: Re: 'Helio Alaska' at Valdez
Post by: Jason Stephens on June 09, 2021, 01:56:35 PM
That's pretty awesome.  Now I'd like a full report on that tail-wheel setup they have.
Title: Re: 'Helio Alaska' at Valdez
Post by: Doug Johnson on June 18, 2021, 09:16:54 PM
Jason, I asked that question of Abe at 'Helio Alaska' because I was curious as well, Below is the answer.

The tailwheel setup is a Beringer 5.00x5 wheel with a 15x6.00-5 tire. It is essentially a 5” main wheel setup from a small tire tri-gear airplane. This is the largest/widest tire we could get to fit into the factory Helio H-700/800 optional 5” tailwheel fork. This is an original late-model factory fork and stem (a bolt together design instead of the earlier welded 4” forks) installed into the original H-295 tailwheel a-frame (which has been modified with the JAARS brace tubes). The Beringer wheel was adapted to fit on the original Helio TW axle with a sleeve adapter to fit the new bearings and center it in the fork.
This setup is a notable improvement over the original 4” tailwheel on sand and other soft ground. This particular tire is marginally too large a diameter for the fork, as there is little clearance left between the tire and back edge of the fork, so a final configuration would probably have to have a slightly shorter tire, or a slightly taller fork. We went with this one for now to get as much width as we could for floatation, but really something an inch or two smaller diameter would fit best on the existing fork design.

We considered something like the Zaegel tailwheel with the full 6.00x6 wheel and 8.00-6 or 8.50-6 tire, but thought that the amount of height raised on the tail might be undesirable for takeoff and landing angles. We figured this to be a good middle ground of not raising the tail too much but still getting improved flotation. We’ll run it for awhile and see how it does and if more tire is needed or not.

Best, Abraham Harman Helio Alaska, Inc.

I believe from the the competition results that with the Alaska Bushwheels that the 5" tailwheel pretty much returns the Helio to the proper stance. If You went with a larger Tailwheel you would probably want larger Tundra tires. compare tires in picture of 7/800 fork with original tire.
Title: Re: 'Helio Alaska' at Valdez
Post by: Jason Stephens on June 19, 2021, 11:56:11 PM
Thanks Doug.  Are the JAARS brace tubes the pieces attached ahead of the tailwheel assembly?  Never seen those before.
Title: Re: 'Helio Alaska' at Valdez
Post by: Doug Johnson on June 22, 2021, 11:15:53 AM
Jason, I asked Abe below is his reply in blue.

If I still had a Helio I think this is the way I would want to go. Its also interesting to find that there was a second version of the larger 7/800 tailwheel fork, the bolt together version is probably even better. The larger cover would increase the mods difficulty  a little more work and cost, and the cover is probably the reason I never noticed it before. The forks might even make the cover a little more aerodynamic.

Interestingly I just noticed this Helio was the one Jaars used for STOL training and the outboard fuel tanks were not replaced so it is a little bit lighter which helps when doing short field takeoffs.

I would also imagine that since this was a Jaars trainer it also has the heavier duty 'Lord Shimmy Dampner' PN # SE1051-2, which is also probably needed with the larger tailwheel.

Braces similar to this also on the Cessna 206, is what i wanted to put on the 310 nose gear used on the 1700 when I was thinking about trading c/n 1233 for trigear c/n 1717.

Yes the diagonal tubes in front of the tailwheel are from the JAARS modification. It is an STC that they developed to reinforce the tailwheel A-frame which they had issues with cracking from time to time. It removed the standard sheet metal gusset that was welded on the corner of the tailwheel to swingarm housing and replaces it with two welded diagonal tubes to reinforce the A-frame assembly. It is more durable than the original configuration and a great example of one of the things JAARS beefed up on the airframe as they used it in such extended service. Notice that the belly skin opening and covering boot need to be made larger to allow additional room for the brace tubes to pass up through into the tailcone.

And I believe the picture you attached in your previous email is still a slightly smaller tailwheel. It’s still a 5” tailwheel but not quite like the one we are using. That looks like still an original welded-style fork, but with a larger 5.00” wheel and tire. The fork we are using is an even later version where the fork and stem bolt together similar to how a Cessna nosewheel fork and strut does. The tire shown in your image I believe is a 5.00x5 and ours is a size larger at 6.00x5. So it’s one size larger than that even, but still quite a bit smaller than the Zaegel tailwheel.

I’ve attached some additional photos to show the JAARS brace tubes welded to the A-frame and more pictures of the Beringer 5.00” wheel with a 15x6.00-5 on the later style H-700/800 bolt-together fork.

Abraham Harman (Helio Alaska, Inc.)

Added a couple pictures that I forgot that show the tailwheel braces a little better.

earlier welded version of fork now on c/n 1228

later bolted fork thats now on c/n 1443