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Title: c/n 001, N550HE
Post by: Doug Johnson on July 11, 2015, 07:30:09 AM
15 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 001 was built as prototype c/n 3 military model AU-24A s/n HST-3 but retained that designation just long enough for modifications (primarily replacement of yokes with a stick control system) to be approved by the military, it was placed in production line and upgraded to HST-550A c/n 001 built without nearly 300 modifications and given airworthiness certificate 08/68, original registry N9550A. All AU-24A Stallions were built with monocoque fuselage aft of wing carry through c/n 001 on, while on Factory sales promotion tour, accident the student pilot brought the power lever back to fine pitch during level off and the aircraft made a hard landing and, as a result, the landing gear collapsed @ Nevada MO 9/71, repaired in a week removed wings, stabilator, engine, propeller, main landing gears, strut and wheel assemblies repaired LH wing assembly, stabilator, and rebuilt main shocks, re-installed both wings, main landing gears, stabilator, and installed new Pratt & Whitney engine sold '?, Para-Flite inc (Steve Snyder) NJ sold '75, Aerial Flight inc PA accident while operating as a parajump flight the aircraft was descending at a very steep angle, the engine flamed out, pilot failed to see wires or poles and struck them while making engine out forced landing on the airport @ Gilbertsville-New Hanover airport PA 4/76 sold '76, Texas Instruments, TX installed wing-tip tanks and increased gross weight 5,800lb accident aircraft stalled during initial climb on takeoff, the pilot having selected the wrong runway relative to existing wind conditions, during an instructional training flight @ Dallas TX 5/78 repaired sold '79, Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines inc (John Seibold) NV operated without incident (2000 Hr) until sold '81, dereg export as RP-C1550 Asian Alcohol corp (Patrick Parsons 2nd of 2 Helios) Philippines sold '92, dereg export N550HE Helio Eenterprises [David Maytag (now #1 Helio LLC, Partner)] used for skydiving sold '96, Startruck LLC (James Turrell) Flagstaff AZ, [Helio LLC, Partner (2nd Helio of 3)], repainted with military desert camouflage paint scheme, sold 02/21 Larry, Teufel Hilsboro OR military version of 2 still flying.

 As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.


Just arrived in the Philippines before painting on new mark
Photo belived to have been taken Crowley ranch '21
photos below taken at Alvord Lake OR, Steens Mtns in back '21

more photos here



Factory Brochure (this page re-sized to 1/2)
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adding two articles

I previously the AOPA article
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Added Factory Handout Brochure
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This pic of the Stallion is after acceptance for export to PI, with Larry Montgomery in Frederick MD still showing registry N9550A  (In the pic: Patrick Parsons Sr., and, Patrick Jr, in the red cap.)

This from Patrick Jr, "It just struck me now that he (Dad) was in the right seat with Larry in the left seat in Frederick for our first flight in a Stallion together, and on our last flight together, 10 yrs later landing at MNL (Manilla) where she was taken apart and put in a container for export to the US, he was in the left seat, I was in the right seat.
I've also got an in-flight shot of the Stallion that was shot over Clark AFB as we flew from Baguio to Manila. Gotta dig for it, but happy to share these small pieces of info with you." 
Link to a some interesting N550HE, c/n 001 stallion pictures that didn't get posted here   Stallion picture.

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Post by: Doug Johnson 1 on May 02, 2017, 10:36:10 AM
Patrick sent me some history of Stallion c/n 001, that he gave me permission to share, that you guys may find of interest.

"Plenty of pilots in Manila, even the ones who fancied themselves as experienced (in Cessnas/trikes) were a bit cowed by our Helios. Couldn't hire a #2 pilot. Both planes were flown by one pilot, Lito Gallegos, whom we sent to Larry Montgomery for Helio flight training. Of course, they just did not get the whole STOL or "Beta in a taildragger" way of flying. ATC once scolded us for a high-angle/short landing beta approach when we turned base to final at 3,000 half a mile out and put it in a slow dive, landing on the numbers and taking the first turn off. "RP-1550, you are reminded not to perform "aerobatics" in the pattern." Aerobatics?? I'll never forget that tower transmission.

I do recall the castering gear in the Courier was locked/pinned after one crosswind crab landing that had people convinced we'd bent the gear...  that was the H-295 (Super Courier).

The Courier ferried out to the Philippines east-bound, at times transiting some Arabian/Asian countries "below the radar" for countries that were tough to get permission from back then. The Stallion flew out from Frederick MD, westbound to AK, Japan, Taiwan and then MNL.

The pic of 6496 has the Stallion behind, during maintenance at their home base, Bacolod Airport on the island of Negros.

Around 1985, we gave up our set of 2 upper plexi and the lower one piece windscreen so that molds could be made and a few sets of windscreens made for the few remaining Stallions out there. There were no NOS stocks and our upper ones were well crazed, and the forward one was getting that way too. Everyone had a good view after that. Larry organized the effort and for giving up our set, a free set came back to us. This was all pre-internet and likely organized by telephone and telex or something.

Shortly after, around 87/88, the Camel cigarettes marketing team used our Stallion for a Camel TV add.

Around that time it would also do occasional charters flying shrimp fry from hatcheries to aquaculture ponds that didn't have airports nearby, but we could get in on a straight road nearby and operate out of a basketball court/hangar. The aquaculture people liked that the fry wouldn't die off since transit time was much shorter.

The Stallion also had a "stretcher"/bed that could be installed when needed. It would fit along the right side (we always loaded gear/pax through the left.

Once, when a bank branch was cut-off and isolated during a typhoon, their main office chartered the Stallion to drop food/sack of rice/supplies to them... we pushed it out the side door at just above MCAS, and they got it... I recall some part of it landing on the building roof.

Miss flying those 2 around. What a magical time with a Stallion and Courier sharing a hangar."

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Post by: Barry Dechert on May 04, 2017, 10:50:45 AM
Nice article, enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing that. In someway it seems more important to keep sharing these archives today. Thanks. First time I saw a flying 550 I about fell on my arrrss. Beautiful.
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couple more pictures from Patrick

Crank it over and dial in some rudder, we're coming in steep... (this is before the tip-tanks went on, so around '82/'83 I believe) this landing could well have been an early demo flight we did for ATC and our CAA board.
A bit faded with age, but aren't we all; the tip tanks and rudder were high-viz orange, not the red that they appear here.
This was on the grass at Caticlan Airport in 1986, the closest airport to Boracay Island.
It is now paved with a terminal and IFR capabilities. There was an infamous hill at the end of the runway that precluded "anytime" ops for the typical GA planes back then: B-N Islanders, and Beech Barons and King Airs, but with the Helios, we'd clear it like it wasn't there and could turn well clear of it. When they turned the grass strip into an "airport", they shaved the hill down to nothing. The original grass strip was put in by the Sea Bees as the US Forces advanced towards the end of the war.
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Post by: Louis on May 14, 2017, 02:24:04 AM
Can't see the last picture
Title: Re: c/n 001, RP-C1550
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Louis, reinstalled them try now

I asked Patrick, about the tip tanks bring removed.

"I find it interesting that the tip tanks were removed I have a photo taken at Texas Instruments some time around '77 showing the tip tanks installed and the FAA file showing that the tip tanks were installed around the same time along with the STC for the 5,800 lb upgross.

I also think they were installed when working with Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines as a commuter, and I would have thought, if removed the tip tanks would have been reinstalled for the ferry flt."

This from Patrick

"I know the tip tanks were on, then off, then on again... I'm cloudy on those details.

Had to fuel the plane alternating sides (so it wouldn't tip over). It always gave the fuel truck boys a hard time, and they carried a taller ladder just for us.

In-flight trim procedures called for transferring fuel using two booster pumps, actuated via protected switches in the ceiling."

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Here is a photo that appears to have been taken out at the ranch i will open it as last photo in the queue above
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Here are a couple of recent photos Helio photos take at the Alvord Lake, Steens Mtns in back.
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Second photo.  Four F-35A pilots got really good in these Helios really fast with the help of “Mack” aka Jeff T., newest Stallion pilot.
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Found another short video of Larrys Stallion out at the ranch that you guys might enjoy.

click on
Title: Re: c/n 001, N550HE
Post by: Doug Johnson on August 06, 2021, 06:01:30 AM
Found a picture that I'm pretty sure is meant to be the desert camo Stallion N550HE

I will open it above in the picture queue
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Beautifull, thanks