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Doug Johnson 1

Re: c/n 514, N395H
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I recently came across this photo. Can anyone tell me if it is a current photo or an older photo.

I wonder why c/n 514 was painted with a quasi (not even authentic, as far as I can tell) Air America paint scheme?

514 has no Air America (CIA) history.

I opened the two photos at bottom of queue at top of page

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Kevin Dunn

Re: c/n 514, N395H
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The picture above of Jodie and 514 is in Mena, AR on the day we picked it up from the paint shop. So, yes, it is current. The guys at Rose Aircraft Services did a great job.


Doug Johnson 1

Re: c/n 514, N395H
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Thanks for info Kevin,
I like this paint scheme and color better than any of the previous ones, but still curious about the Air America is it just because people seem to like the Air America, 'Helio' connection? I really like that it didn't get painted with a 1400 series or H7/800 paint scheme.

Jodie ?, appears to be enjoying posing with his Helio.


Re: c/n 514, N395H
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When someone buys or is donated an aircraft they have the right to paint or change things that have been previously modified if they want. It doesn’t matter if other people like it or not.  I think to make comments like this is very rude.  Instead you should be happy that another Helio has been restored to keep it flying for another 50 years. 

Doug Johnson 1

Re: c/n 514, N395H
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Andrew, sorry to have offended you but sometimes that happens. I did not intend to imply that I disliked 514s paint scheme. Just curious about why an Air america scheme theme, whatever was used.

I don't dislike the paint scheme you have on your Helio either, but will say I like the paint scheme on 514 better.

Talk about crappy paint scheme look at this Helio it didn't have a good paint scheme until after I sold it. Now in my opinion it has one of the better paint schemes. But I might be prejudiced in favor of it.

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I will admit that 1233 looks much better than when I saw it in Pittsburg with only one wing before Dean installed the square window.

After Kevin’s rigging of 1233 it really is a nice straight flying Helio even without the aileron trim installed.

Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 514, as N4162D
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Added a b/w picture of c/n 514 as N4162D in original livery, probably the way it came from the factory.

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Re: c/n 514, N395H
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Great thing is ...when you own it you get to paint it any color you want....remember the polka dot hello's?