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c/n 1706, N108R
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4 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1706, built 04/74 as model HT-295, original registry N68873 John Roberts (dealer) SC sold '74, dereg export reg ZS-JEE United Air Services pty ltd, Pretoria-Wonderboom Airport, Gauteng Province South Africa sold '74, Speedline Aircraft Sales (pty) ltd sold '78, John Roberts (dealer) SC (N108R ntu assigned for export status reused) sold '82, EI-BNE (new registry temporarily tape) Ireland Huntley & Huntley reportedly used in production of spy movie Ireland '84, John Roberts SC rereg N108R Air Recovery inc FL accident while being ferried to USA Having departed Reykjavik for Stromfjord it encountered strong headwinds and low fuel forced a landing on an Glacier ice flow, with the pilot rescued by the USAF @ approx 61.20N 46.11W Greenland (near Narsarsuaq 500 miles south near souther tip ?) 8/84, some damage abandoned dereg '86. Or more likely approx 67.20N 46.11W  which is 50 miles east of Stomfjord on Greenland 8/84,  one report has the A/C falling into crack in glacier then airlifted 50 miles to Stromfjord (now known as Kangerlussuaq) location of Sandrestrom AFB, where it was scrapped as dbr. dereg '86

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

interesting no prop spinner and new registry is applied with what looks like electrical  tape.

location of c/n 1706 t/n N108R
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Re: c/n 1706, N108R
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Photo of N108R (c/n 1706) at Basle, Switzerland, 1981. It appears to be parked outside the same hangar, possibly next to the same Ce.336, as the second photo. It appears to be parked outside the same hangar, possibly next to the same Ce.336, as the second photo above. Since this photo was taken of N108R (c/n 1706) at Basle, Switzerland, 1981, it probably wasn't enroute to Greenland.

Maybe one day we can post a picture of the recovered a/c in Greenland.

Anyone know if the aircraft is still in Greenland in a salvage area or was it parted out or sold for scrap, what was the aircraft's finale fate?

How about a rumor or guess?

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Re: c/n 1706, N108R
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Speculation based on by memories.  But i might be able to get hold of the guy who told me the story.  I did stop for fuel at Stromfjord when i flew back the Pilatus from Switzerland.  The fuel man told me about that crash.  Can't remember a lot.  One thing i do remember is that the pilot was not equipped like i was:  he was in small leather shoe.  But he was rescued almost immediately.  Something about declaring an emergency way ahead of the crash.  Not really because of bad planification but because he wasn't able to find a path in the cloud to the beautiful weather of Stromfjord.  ( Sun shines 365 days a year , there.  Compare to may be ten days for the rest of Greenland ;-)   )  The fuel man was your, so i am surprised he did know about that crash since it is quite old.  Then  my memories gets foggy about if the plane was air lifted.  I do remember that is was not available to acquire ( naturally i asked )  He did not stopped at Kulussuk for fuel from Reykiavik .  I was there also with the Helio 800, a long time ago, and didn't heard the storie at that time