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Gear Backlash Poll
« on: April 19, 2015, 01:24:04 PM »
For curiosities sake:

  Could you post the prop reduction gear backlash that your Helio has, measured 4' out from the prop hub?  I'm just wondering what the 'average' is.

Thanks in advance!

I'll start: H395A - 3/8"   - CF-AFA
             H391B - 9/16"  - C-FIYZ
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Re: Gear Backlash Poll
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Digging around I found this post while my boss thought I was working.  I didn't have a Helio when it was posted, now I do and it is increasingly interesting to me. 

I often wonder the same thing.  My motors was high time when I bought the plane so I have no reference point other than 1200-1400 hour motors.  Last time I checked mine, it seemed to be a hair under half an inch.

 Would be very curious to know what other are measuring, and what the approximate motor time is. 


Re: Gear Backlash Poll
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5/16" at 4' and 840 hrs SMOH