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Pitot and Static System for 1400 series
« on: February 20, 2018, 10:54:41 AM »
I'm looking for help on re-plumbing in the Pitot and Static system in c/n 1411. Does anyone have a more detailed layout drawing as all I have is what the one page parts catalogue shows. When I got this plane all of these hoses we either cut off or missing and this plane has the Static Alternate Source selector valve,  Gyro Filter and a thumb controlled air valve below it. I don't know how they flew this plane and any help would be much appreciated.

Kevin Dunn

Re: Pitot and Static System for 1400 series
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I am currently putting a Garmin G5 in a '67 Cessna 182 as a artificial horizon for a customer, so I was looking at the Cessna IPC the other day to figure out the system routing once I remove the AH and found the drawings to be quite helpful. There are several pages based on serial number range, but the later figures show the system with a central filter and a regulator for a dry pump which I am assuming you have. Just a thought.