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c/n 1229, C-FMQU
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2 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1229, built 02/67 as model H-295, original registry N6337V Factory installs Rayjay/Riley turbocharger Dealer sold 02/67, to Colony Aircraft corp (R.W. Collinson) CA repossessed by Helio western Distributors sold 03/69, Universal Decorating and leasing CA sold 06/70, Franklin Ashley MD CA sold 01/71, First Federal Mortgage co UT sold 05/71, Peggy Brown UT sold 11/71, Norm Hibbard (Hibbard Aviation 5th of 5) sold 11/71, dereg export as CF-MQU Leigh Cross BC (rereg C-FMQU '74) painted with 1400 series paint scheme sold '78, Duncan Flight Serv ltd BC accident after take-off the engine had a 50% loss of power aircraft struck trees while while attempting a forced landing in a plowed field A/C then dropped into a creek bed that crossed the field @ Duncan BC 04/79, incident destroyed in a hanger fire while stored @ Calgary AB 02/80, dereg 03/83 some parts were salvaged and are now 04/13 with len Harasimiuk AB

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Re: c/n 1229, C-FMQU
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added photo that was accidentally posted as c/n 2510, C-GDIG

I wish I could see the prop on the fist picture here that N registry looks more like N6307V c/n 2527 where it is also posted

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