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c/n 611, N9015B
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No picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

This A/C has a current registry maybe Roy Moore will send us a picture.

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c/n 611, s/n 63-13168 built 10/63 as U-10B for USAF 10/63, USAF accepted 10/63 t/n “63-13168”, struck off charge released to US Army special forces 10/63, US Army special forces Ft Bragg NC until 02/72, struck off charge sent to USAF Davis-Monthan AFB AZ for storage released '74, US Army Troop Support and Aviation Materiel Readiness Cmnd '78, released as N9015B US Army (Owner) Fort Richardson Flying Club, (Operator) AK installed wheel ski's sold '82, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, WA sold '87, Larry Montgomery (Larmont Aviation dealer) SC sold '89, Roy Moore Gastonia, NC

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Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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c/n 611, N9015B another face book photo pointed out to me, (first photo I've found, the 1400 series paint scheme and dorsal fin confused me at first)

Below, posted with the Facebook picture, was this comment,

"This Helio is simply going to rot into the pavement.
It was just moved out of a hangar here at KAKH... Has not flown in over 15 years (it looks like it too). Close up, it is really rough.
The owner does not want to sell it unless you buy the Aztec next to it.. GG

I may have seen this Helio in '82 at the Fort Richardson flying club, but I don't remember it, and it would have been gone shortly after I started flying there. I didn't start taking pictures of Helios until I owned one.

c/n 611 may have still been bare aluminum while at Ft Rich like c/n 608 recently identified as being a derelict, abandoned at Hopewell NJ. 608 was the Helio in the army contract just before c/n 611. Bare aluminum or simple 2 color civilian paint scheme was the standard on the 'Army Special Forces' Helios. Maybe Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, painted it with the 1400 series paint scheme during the 5 yrs they owned it.

I also just noticed the crosswind gear hasn't been removed on this airplane.

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Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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Well it appears that c/n 611 is not going to rot into the pavement this from Nathan Mackey

"Mike Mower and I went out to look at Helio N9015B at Gastonia, NC, on February 1st. I had met the owner previously but not this time. Last week I heard that it would be ferried to JAARS for an annual and ton of maintenance. A guy from Iowa bought it. No further details."

N9015B has finally changed owners. Anyone know who the guy from Iowa is, c/n 611 is still currently registered to Roy MOORE in NC.
I suspect the guy from Iowa is probably our newest member,    Helio611

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Jason Stephens

Re: c/n 611, N9015B
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Great News.  Always better to have them flying than sitting.