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c/n 592, N4198D
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4 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 592, built 05/62 as model H-395, original registry N4198D Island Creek Coal co (Al Lynn) WV sold '69, Mercury Aviation co (David Tschantz) OH sold '69, Vern & Carol Hughes MT sold '70, David Beck WY sold '71, Wesley Marks WY accident on landing approach left flap was fully down, while the right flap was only half down (the actuator was loose at the mount) the pilot didn’t attempt to retract the flaps the aircraft ground looped during the roll out @ Jackson-Jacksons Hole Airport WY 10/71, sold '72, Dale Chouteau (Chouteau's Aircraft maintenance) WY accident with a good landing area nearby, the tailwheel hit a pole protruding from a pile at the flare out point during a landing in a meadow the gear then collapsed through overload @ near Jackson WY '73 not repaired sold, Santa Fe Airline NM repaired and sold '74, Ed Beegles CO sold '75, Stephens Bros [Bruce Stephens (1st of 3)] AK placed on Edo 3430 floats then wheel skis installed 3,300lb up-gross sold '90, Robert Stephens AZ sold '91, D&B Services (Don Pew) AZ sold '95, Bruce Stephens AZ sold '95, Branham Adventures (Dennis & Chris Branham) AK (6th of 9 acquired) accident the pilot attempted to takeoff from a lake, with a 25 knot left crosswind. The first attempt was made close to shore, in the shelter of a bank on the lake's edge. The pilot said that the airplane's nose would not turn right, so he aborted the takeoff. He water taxied the airplane with the flaps set to the 1/2 position, farther downwind into the lake. He began to turn left, into the wind, and the wind lifted the left wing. The pilot said he added power, the right float dug into the water, and the airplane nosed over. The pilot indicated he was late, in a hurry, and should not have taxied in high winds with the flaps extended @ Igiugig AK 7/99 repaired L wing spar sold '00, Copper Valley Air Service llc (David Parmenter) AK placed on Tundra tires incident aircraft's eng and prop area struck by propeller of Citabrea that got away while being hand propped @ Gulkana airport Glenallen AK unknown time, aircraft seriously damaged, reg expired 7/14 wreck sold 12/15, Perry Linton Norman Wells NT, C-reg ntu parts ?

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Re: c/n 592, N4198D
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There's a couple more photos in the photo section here.  Here's an oldie that I have on my computer right now.  Incredibly frustrating what has happened to our family plane in recent years.


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Re: c/n 592, N4198D
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Hi Doug, you have #598 and #592 listed in the same thread. I believe these are two different airplanes, as N4198D is #592

Maybe I read it wrong.


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Re: c/n 592, N4198D
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Finally go around to removing military c/n 598 photos

I just found that N5071B c/n 1268 and N198D c/n 592were sold to Perry Linton Norman wells NT.

Anyone know if they will be parted out or if the intent is to put one back in service?

Does Perry intend to give either A/C a Canadian registry.

Edited history paragraph above.

Anyone have current photos?
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Re: c/n 592, N4198D
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This photo was found at airport data should be placed as #1 in the photo queue above
The photo of c/n 592, N4198D was  taken at Jackson Hole (KJAC) in spring of 1972. N4198D crash landed and nosed over the previous year. James Chouteau dad bought it from the insurance company and they completely restored it in one winter. This photo was either just before or after the FAA cleared her to fly.