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MT Prop for Helio
« on: November 20, 2017, 08:00:04 PM »
I know this has come up before, but it looks like an options is finally present!  Here is an e-mail I received from Larry at flight resources yesterday. 

"I had a long conversation with the owner of MT and the two blade 20 spline prop is now ready and certified. I can offer you a 102" diameter two blader for the helio and assuming I can do a field approval the total cost of the prop/spinner and approval will run about $19,500 plus applicable freight. Let me know if this is of interest, the prop is certified to 300 hp but if you're running the 340 hp then we'll need to wait for the certification of the three blader.


Very exciting. Initial testing and certification of the prop was done on the DO-27 I believe.  So the Helio STC is not there yet, but he is willing to go that route if there is interest. This is probably a great prop for the 391B crowd and anyone on floats where a really long prop is less of an issue.  MT props have proven to be the benchmark for light weight performance for the husky and 180/185 crowd.  I also know that with the nickel leading edge they have done a lot to reduce the blade erosion that was present in the earlier days when operating on gravel.  I know on floats the hardened nickel leading edge has practically zero blade and blade tip erosion (or at least friends with the on a 185 claim).

Even better is that price, an overhaul from North-West Propeller is 18,000 if you need new blades.  This becomes quite cost competitive in that situation.  I don't know the weight yet, but I would guess it is significantly less than the standard Hartzell if the 185 drivers with an MT are to be believed.

I am not sure I will go this route yet.  I am hoping my current blades have one more round in them before they are replaced.  If they need to be replaced or if I have a hub issue at this overhaul....I will be doing a lot of thinking!


Re: MT Prop for Helio
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Just a little bit of further info.  I am not actively pursuing this at the moment.  Funny how as soon as I learned my Hartzell was serviceable I lost interest, at least until I take a rock to a blade then interest will resume!

However, I just noticed that a few months ago, MT did get a German STC (or what ever their analogous paperwork is) for the DO-27.  They certified a 98" 2-blade for the 270hp GO-480 powered planes.  About a year ago when I was last talking with them they thought a 3-blade for our application would be a pretty simple and effective solution.  They already had the 3-blade hub designed.

Here is the German paperwork, take it for what you will.  If anyone is looking at a new prop there is certainly precedent now for an MT on our geared Lycomings.  I fail to see how it could be more expensive than Hartzell!