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Doug Johnson

c/n 584, C-GSFJ
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4 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.
Need pictures as C-GSFJ

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c/n 584, built 02/63 as U-10B s/n 63-8091 for USAF 02/63, t/n "63-8091" Factory modified with 120 gal LR fuel system (two additional 30 gallon wing tanks Helio drawing SK-751, SK-756) and float attachment fittings (Helio Drawing SK-1198), USAF accepted Hurlburt Field 02/63, s/n 63-8091 transfer US Army 10th Special Forces Group 1st Battalion Bad Tolz Germany (Note: Was seen there, float-equipped in 07/66) until '67, USAF in Europe USAF 7th ACS Sembach Air Base, Germany as float plane until '?, US Air Force Special Operations Command, 1st Special Operations Wing, 317th Special Operations Squadron, Eglin Air Force Auxiliary Field #9 (Hurlburt Field), FL (Code AO) until 05/72, Davis-Monthan AFB AZ until '74, USAF declared excess 11/74, struck off charge released 03/75, as N67166 to US Customs Service Homestead AFB Air support branch FL donated '76, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University FL donated '77, Volusia County Civil Defense FL install 3,300lb up-gross sold '81, Larry Montgomery (Larmont Aviation dealer) SC rereg N320VC sold '81, dereg export C-GSFJ Nahanni Air Services Ltd NT reg cancelled 07/83 sold, Mackenzie Mountain Outfitter reg cancelled sold 10/85, Nahanni Air Serv reg cancelled sold 09/86 sold '00, Carcajou Air ltd (Stan Stevens) Thorhild, AB (1st of 2), area operation Norman Wells NT

Anyone have any pictures as a Civilian airplane or while registered Canada ?

removed from floats and repainted when attached to the USAF 317th Special Operations Squadron, Eglin FL

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Jim Fink

Re: c/n 584, C-GSFJ
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Stan Stevens (Mackenzie Mountain outfitters) owns C-GSFJ and has for several years. He operates it on floats out of Norman Wells NT. There should be photos of it on there web site.  I flew it for them in the mid nineties. It is a great plane ,he had it repainted not to many years ago.


Re: c/n 584, C-GSFJ
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Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 584, C-GSFJ
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OK, I think I understand it C-FIYZ c/n 045, (which was recently sold), and C-GSFJ c/n 584 have very similar paint schemes and both were owned by the original Mackenzie Mountains Outfitter (Stan Stevens) at one time.

But C-GSFJ is now owned by Carcajou Air Ltd Is one of the of the AMMO leasing it now?

C-FLYZ   c/n 510 has not been repaired as it had major damage when the helicopter dropped it when it was slinging it out of the Mackenzie Mountains for Stan Stevens. Stan still owns the aircraft.

C-GRUU  c/n 2509 what is its current status?

Association of the Mackenzie Mountains Outfitters (AMMO) - Our eight members below are the sole outfitters in this vast track of endless
Arctic Red River Outfitters Ltd.
Gana River Outfitters Ltd.
MacKenzie Mountain Outfitters (1978) Ltd.
NWT Outfitters Ltd.
Ram Head Outfitters Ltd.
Redstone Trophy Hunts Ltd.
South Nahanni Outfitters Ltd.
Nahanni Butte Outfitters Ltd.
No Helios                                       Certificate of R                       Nahanni Air Services Ltd
2 C-FIYZ     Helio   H-391B  045  Cancel C of R     1989-01-19  Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters   - -
3 C-FLYZ    Helio   H-395       510   Certificate of R  1988-04-27  Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters   1988-04-27

3 C-GRUU   Helio   H-250    2509 Certificate of R  2012-06-19  Carcajou Air Ltd.                          2000-09-08
4 C-GRUU   Helio   H-250    2509 Certificate of R  2005-05-29  Carcajou Air Ltd.                          2000-09-08
5 C-GRUU   Helio   H-250    2509 Certificate of R  2000-09-08  Carcajou Air Ltd.                          2000-09-08
6 C-GSFJ     Helio    H-395    584  Certificate of R  2013-07-03  Carcajou Air Ltd.                           2000-10-30
7 C-GSFJ     Helio    H-395    584  Certificate of R  2005-05-29  Carcajou Air Ltd.                           2000-10-30
8 C-GSFJ     Helio    H-395    584  Certificate of R  2000-10-30  Carcajou Air Ltd.                           2000-10-30
***Historical Information, directly from the Official Canadian Civil Aircraft Register database.***
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Jim Fink

Re: c/n 584, C-GSFJ
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Hi Doug,
Your right on the paint schemes Stan painted all his Helios the same as C-FIYZ ,it was his first of many Helios. Carcajou Air Ltd. is Stan's flying service that he operates under. There is no other outfitters operating in  Canada with Helios. I've sold IYZ and hope to find a 295 or 395 for my outfit Blackstone Outfitters in the Yukon. I will see if Stan can give more history/ photos on his airplanes over the Years. I really enjoy going through your posts that your doing. It's very interesting for someone who enjoys the Helios. Thanks Jim


Re: c/n 584, C-GSFJ
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I certainly understand why a outfitter would use a Helio but in Canada a helicopter would be much more useful.  We cannot use them here in alaska for much of anything.   I guess a Helio is the next best tool for the job.  I know if I could use a helicopter my planes would be gone

Jim Fink

Re: c/n 584, C-GSFJ
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Stan started using a helicopter about 5 years ago. He is a huge Helio fan I'm sure he will always have them in his outfit as well. 
In the Yukon we are like you in Alaska we can't use helicopters for anything to do with hunting. The NWT is the only place in Canada that a helicopter can be used for hunting.

Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 584, C-GSFJ
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Steve Williams pointed out this photo of 63-8091 (c/n 584) taken 06/72. I thought it might be 63-13091 (c/n 596) because of camo paint scheme
but after some back and forth realized because of photo date it had to be 63-8091 because 63-13091 was destroyed 3/66 (4th of 12 Helios lost in S/Vietnam).

opened  above

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Re: c/n 584, C-GSFJ
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An early photo of c/n 584 and a couple of later photos. Mackenzie Mountain outfitters Facebook pictures that were pointed out to me.

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Doug Johnson 1

Re: c/n 584, C-GSFJ
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Here is a picture of c/n 584 (s/n 63-8091) taken 4 days before it was placed in storage at Davis-Montham.

Doug Johnson 1

Re: c/n 584, C-GSFJ
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Another picture Its got nice scenery so I copied it cause I liked the rainbow, I'll open it above with a similar picture.