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c/n 598, 63-13093
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4 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 598, built 08/63 as U-10B s/n 63-13093 for USAF accepted  08/63, t/n “63-13103” US Pacific Air Forces, 14th Special Operations Wing, 5th Special Operations Squadron, Nha Trang AFB S/Vietnam (Code EO) until '?, USAF 6253rd Combat Support Group, 5th Air Commando Squadron, Nha Trang AFB S/Vietnam accident crash on landing no details @ unknown area 12/23/65 w/o dbr (3rd of 12 Helios lost by USAF in S/Vietnam)

The third picture is kind of interesting I just recently found it. it was labeled 63-13111 while looking at it I realized I'd seen it before because of the distinctive camoflauge pattern. It had crossed my mind that it probably had a nickname. I found the fourth pic in my files and saw that it was labeled differently 63-13093. Looking at other camoflauge patterns I realized that all camoflauge patterns are different and the aircraft can sometimes be identified by the pattern. Like spots on a lepoard?

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Re: c/n 598, 63-13093
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Just found another picture that matches 63-13103 marked as 63-13111

So which is which, I need another pilots side view of 63-13111
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Re: c/n 598, 63-13093
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More caricature art of a Helio, U-10 this time. Same signature as the other caricature Helios isn't it?

I believe the second picture right side view at the top of the page was used for the drawing but he must have had a Higher resolution photo than i have.

I'm pretty sure it's c/n 598 s/n 63-13093 and not c/n 586 s/n 63-8093 because the camo pattern almost matches the other photos on tail in particular.

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