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Doug Johnson

c/n 555, “62-5915”
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4 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 555, built 05/62 s/n 62-5915, as model L-28A for USAF accepted 05/62, t/n “62-5915”, USAF Tactical Air Command 1st Air Commando Group Eglin Air Force Base FL L-28A re designated U-10A, equipment change to U-10B 02/63, until 05/67, USAF Pacific Air Forces 7th air Force 14th Air Commando Wing Nha Trang AFB S/Vietnam until '?, USAF 14th Special Operations Wing, Bien Hoa AB S/Vietnam, Combat Support status until 01/68, sent to inactive storage until 05/68, w/o, fate unknown
   c/n 555 has been confused with Air America lease “#555” ? from USAF which had an accident hard landing in bad weather @ Pha Khao (site15)
   11/61, USAF sold "#555" ? 03/62 to Air America as parts and they were used to rebuild c/n 506 but it was not c/n 555, because c/n 555
    was not built until 05/62     (compare build, accident, repair and sell dates of c/n 555 and lease #555)

If anyone has any Idea which aircraft was leased as #555 lot of people would like to hear your ideas.

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Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 555, “62-5915”
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Found 4 photos of c/n 555 as Air force Tail number 62-5915. photograph is dated 12/64.

Note the South Vietnamese Roundel painted on the A/C

The USAF file does not list it as being turned over to the S/Vietnamese Air Force, this will require some research.



Re: c/n 555, “25915”
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Thanks again, Doug.  Looks like photos #2 and #3 above are reversed.  Slides reversed?  Doors are incorrect as well as pitot, I think. 
Meanwhile- from the woods of N the third Helio at Pennington is still not identified.  069 and 608 were there but I have not found any numbers on the third.  It was military.  It has the split pilot side rear door which removes in two parts (door post remains) and pilot's door has locking armrest which allows whole window to open. 
Cheers/ Bob

Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 555, “62-5915”
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Thanks for correction. Apparently all of the slides had been flipped #1 and 4 were easy to spot because the text was backwards, once I flipped the other photos it was easy to see that the Psycop Loudmouth speakers had been on the wrong side.

Bob it's easy to tell that your third Helio in the woods is a 1200 series U-10D from the firewall.
If I can find the time I'll go through s/n 1234 to 1275 and figure out which ones it can't be.
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Re: c/n 555, “62-5915”
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Hi Doug- Regarding the Helio from NJ woods:  I will go through your list as well.  Up in the wing root area of the fuselage, left side is a data/part plate.  It says 395 and and then "Work Order #1143" Does that have any useful meaning?  Also, back on the tailcone at the right last bay is evidence of old data plate removed.  4 small rivets cut off and I can see there was a plate there. For your info-  It also appears that there had been some damage to right firewall area, gear leg problem likely.  The lower right firewall and the outside skin going all the way up to the center line under the windshiel has been replaced but not completed.  Looks like windshield replacement was not finished. So accident damage  there- also forward main gearleg attach fitting to rollcage is cracked at the weld.