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c/n 546, RP-C2690
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 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 546, built 01/62 as model H-395 original registry N4191D 02/62, Air Ventures Inc (CIA) DC export to Thailand 03/62, sold to Air America inc (12th Helio of 29 acquired), sold to Air Asia co ltd 10/63, N4191D accident(1) crash-landed when the aircraft used an unsuitable area of the runway @ Baranae Thailand  12/62, Air America inc sold to Air Asia co ltd 10/63, rereg B-867 10/63, accident(2) ground looped during take-off causing minor damage @ (V-02) Bien Hoa 04/67, accident(3) propeller hit a fire extinguisher bottle, while taxiing @ (V-2) Bien Hoa S/Vietnam 04/68, incident left brake had no effect upon landing the aircraft veered off to the right side of the runway, but no damage @ (V-247) Tan An 06/69, used as spare A/C until 07/69 placed into temporary storage @ Saigon until 01/70, sold by Air Asia Co Ltd to Air America inc 01/70, rereg XW-PGM Laos 01/70, incident a customers garbage truck backed into the parked aircraft @ (LS-20A) Long Tieng 03/71, damaged horizontal stabilizer repaired, 07/71 put in inactive storage at Vientiane Laos until 08/71, 07/72 placed into inactive storage at Vientiane, 11/73 flown to Udorn Thailand and put into inactive storage there, 03/74 sold to Aviation Associates Manila, Philippines, rereg as RP-C2690 until '84, registration cancelled,  ?

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Re: c/n 546, RP-C2690
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This is an interesting photo there is nothing in the Air America records that indicate c/n 546 was flown as “867” for an undetermined period of time after China and Laos broke off diplomatic relations in mid-1962

This should be added to the history file above also only photo of an Air America Helio with large digits on rear of tail cone.

Helio c/n 545, N4190D in background
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Re: c/n 546, N4191D
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Here is a little better Picture of c/n 546 as N4191D posted a top of queue above. this is probably while with Air Asia before being sold to Air America. A similar picture shows 546 with c/n 545 as N4190D shortly after arriving in Thailand in '63

I opened it above
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