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c/n 545, RP-C357
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1 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.
Anyone know more about this Helio, current status? pictures as RP-C357 ?

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c/n 545, built 12/61 as model H-395, original registry N4190D Factory placed in experimental category for approval of new door hinge design, 01/62 sold to Air Ventures inc (CIA) DC export to Thailand 03/62, sold to Air America (11th Helio of 29 acquired) 03/62, sold to Air Asia co ltd 11/63, rereg B-869 flown as “869”, mid-'62 China and Laos broke off diplomatic relations, Air Asia 11/63, installed 120 gal LR fuel system 02/64, accident(1) undershot the runway while landing @ (T-516) Chiang Khong Thailand 12/64, incident hit three times by small arms fire @ (LS-58) Hua Moung Laos area 12/65, accident(2) trying to avoid  water on the runway while landing the landing gear, engine, propeller were damaged @ (LS-198) Houei Hok Laos 06/66, accident(3) seized by gusting winds during take-off causing minor damage repaired same day @ (V-22) Dong Ha 05/67, accident(4) crash-landed @ (V-06) near Hue Vietnam 05/68, recovered by 204B Bell helicopter N8535F taken back to (V-03) Danang Vietnam 06/68, accident(5) ground looped and crashed while landing avoiding Vietnamese civilian who entered the runway during landing, damaging the left wing, the horizontal stabilizer, the main landing gear and the prop; repair costs of $14,000 @ (V-210) Nghia Hanh S/Vietnam 02/69, sold by Air Asia to Air America 05/69, rereg XW-PGC, 06/69 used as spare aircraft out of Vientiane 01/72, placed into inactive storage at Tainan 03/74, sold to Aviation Associates Manila as RP-C357 sold '87/'88, Rogelio De Los Reyes Davao City '?, certificate airworthiness expired 09/87, sold by '92 Henrik Boivie Manila in 04/07 stored Mavlar, Philippines with no marks and in an all white color scheme,  ?

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