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c/n 091, N4431U
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3 picsture check your albums, it would be nice to have a recent picture. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 091, built 09/58 as H-391B original registry N4142D Phillip Cole VT sold 02/60, Linden Flight serv (Robert Meyer) NJ continued Nike-Zeus  missile control tests begun with c/n 082 White Sands Missile Testing Range modified with same 24V elect sys and wing tip extensions for mounting antennas and placed in experimental category for testing accident very hard landing no details @ White Sands NM '61, sold as wreck no engine to Ewing Dryden & Harry McNutt TX repaired sold '63, Edward Harper WA sold '64, Kenmore Air Harbor WA sold '65, Frank Ryman AK sold '71, James Otto WA (removed exhaust augmentor tube changed to H-395A configuration Helio mod #48) sold '72, Flying F Ranch (C.E. Frombach) WA sold '73, Karl Thunn WA sold '77, Thomas Hook CO accident an instructor was teaching a student to taxi a tail wheel aircraft, without brakes on the right hand side, student lost directional control @ Tacoma WA 02/78 repaired left wing installed steerable tailwheel sold '78, dereg export as C-GIMR Canada Thomas Hook BC dereg sold '83, export as N4431U Thomas Falk OR accident the pilot made a high speed turnoff onto a taxiway after landing and ground looped the aircraft, the pilot stated that the right brake failed, the aircraft rolled off the runway into mud and the aircraft spun 270o to the left, however, the right brake was examined and adequate brake fluid was available and there was no visible evidence of failure @ Hood River OR 11/83 repaired left gear leg area sold '89, (Aero Tech) Christopher (Kif) Brown WA accident the pilot increased power to initiate a climb and the engine partially lost power, he ditched the aircraft in Puget Sound when he was unable to reach an airport or the shore for an emergency landing, the aircraft nosed over on touchdown in the water, an examination of the engine revealed the No. 4 exhaust valve had seized in the open position @ Edmonds WA 8/92, reg cancelled dbr '94, sold as wreck '96, rereg '97 Barry Dechert South Rockwood, MI Project in progress

Namaolean Found this picture of N4331U (C/N 091), likely at Puget Sound when it was recovered and brought to shore

 a couple of progress pictures
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Re: c/n 091, N4431U
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Found this picture of CN 091, likely at Puget Sound when it was recovered and brought to shore

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Re: c/n 091, N4431U
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found a couple of progress pictures in of all places the FlyHelio site gallery

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Re: c/n 091, N4431U
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Couple more progress pictures and a couple possible paint schemes. These were also found in the FlyHelio site gallery they kind of confuse me it looks like the original photo in 2011 or what I thought was the original paint scheme with the 12'' N4142D registry numbers.

I like the individual Electronics International gauges but prefer the combination instruments like oil temp/press.

Of the two paint schemes I like this one. Somewhat like the original

This paint scheme sems to be a takeoff from the factory 7/800 paint sceme

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Re: c/n 091, N4431U
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Those line drawings are not applicable to a true form, note that the stabilator location is too low and the wing is not at 3 degrees angle of incidence. However, they are meant for paint scheme renderings, so I get that part, but it would be nice if they actually rendered a correct profile of the Helio of any that I've seen.

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Re: c/n 091, N4431U
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Who cares this is just a paint scheme drawing the only requirement is to remember what they taught you in kindergarten you keep the colors from the crayons within the lines.

When you tape for outline things always seem to change from 2D PERSPECTIVE TO 3D.