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c/n 530, XW-PBS
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4 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 530, built 01/61 as model H-391B, original registry N4179D Factory placed in experimental category production flight testing, sold to Air Ventures inc (CIA) placed in experimental category to complete 120 gal Long Range fuel system tests (LR fuel added to type certificate 09/61) sold 01/62, Helio Aircraft Corp sold 01/62, Aviation Investors inc (CIA) 06/62, exported XV-NAE Vietnamese Air Transport (VIAT) dereg 08/62, Aviation Investors inc 07/63 registered as B-871 (Taiwan), Skyways Air Cargo transfer 11/63, Air Asia (18th Helio of 29 acquired by Air America) accident(1) on take-off pilot lost control due to brake failure @ unknown airstrip Laos 11/63, Skyways Cargo inc sold 5/64, reg XW-PBS Bird & sons Vientiane leased to Boun Oum Airways, Pacific corp sold to Air America 4/67, accident(2) taxied into a clump of bamboo roots @ (LS-211) Phone Sai Laos 05/67, accident(3) when tail wheel broke @ (LS-223) Ban Nam Feng Laos 08/67, incident damaged in a mortar attack while parked @ (V-017) Can Tho Vietnam 12/67, incident damaged in a rocket attack @ Tan Son Nhut Airport Vietnam 02/68, accident(4) right main gear collapsed on landing @ (LS-26) Xieng Dat Laos 04/69, accident(6) ran off the end of the runway into a deep creek @ (LS-191) Thong Kheun Laos 07/69, dbr registry cancelled, salvaged for parts Vientiane, Laos

accident #6
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Re: c/n 530, as XW-PBS
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I found a picture of c/n 530 as XW-PBS