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c/n 523, G-ARMU
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4 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 523, built 05/60 as model H-395 original registry N4172D Factory dereg export 04/61, reg N13B (temp factory registry for ferry flt) rereg G-ARMU Kenneth McAlpine Kent sold 06/63, Sir Robert McAlpine Bedfordshire 11/63, Sir James Roberts Perthshire (Strathallan Air Charter - StrathAir serv ltd) sold '66, C. Chapman and sons ltd sold '68, reg EI-ATG (Eir) Ireland ? sold '70, G-ARMU Airline Services ltd (H.R. Hutton) Weston, England used in the filming of Roger Corman's WWI Red Baron movie “Von Richthofen & Brown” at Weston Aerodrome, Ireland, accident while taking off from a private strip the aircraft crashed into some trees and broke into four sections on impact with the ground. Pilot owner H. R. Hutton and three passengers escaped serious injury @ Ormesby Hall near Caister Norfolk 08/70, destroyed reg cancelled 11/70

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Re: c/n 523, G-ARMU
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Here are a couple pictures that should be opened as 2 and 3 in the lineup above

edit to history paragraph EI-ATG Jerry O'Leary farm strip near Macroom Ireland (Eir) sold '70

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Re: c/n 523, G-ARMU
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Here are a couple of pictures taken while filming Roger Corman's WWI Red Baron movie not long before c/n 523 had it's final accident.  Lynn Garrison's, camera aircraft in Richthofen & Brown '70

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