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c/n 075, XW-PBY
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6 pics check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find.

Previous posts about XW-PBY - N4143D, or anything click on     Enter ?

c/n 075, original registry N4143D, built 02/58 as model H-391B converted to H-395 by 09/58, conversion began in 06/58 with CIA backing the Factory converted it to the 1st prototype H-395 (GO-480) configuration completing development of Helio mod #45 that began on c/n 010, c/n 075 was then placed on the H-395 type certificate replacing c/n 501 (never built) 09/58, sold to King-Hurley Research Group (CIA front co) DC by 10/59, it went to Armed Forces Experimental Training activity Camp Perry VA (Joint Special Forces and CIA) by 11/63, transferred to Continental Air co placed in restricted category for patrolling operations sold 06/64, Pacific Corporation (CIA) and export Laos 06/64, CAT Air America Saigon (20th Helio of 29 acquired), 09/64 rereg XW-PBY Vientiane, accident(1) crashed on takeoff @ (LS-137) Mak Phout Laos 09/64, accident(2) made a hard emergency landing due to an engine failure @ unknown airstrip in Laos 05/65, accident(3) forced landing after engine blew up @ (LS-36) northwest of Na Khang Laos 06/65, accident(4) hard landing resulting in a kinked crash-cage/fuselage @ Vientiane (L-08) 09/65, accident(5) extensive damage landed short of runway resulting in a ground loop @ (LS-2) San Tiau Laos 10/65, accident(6) had a hard landing damaging the tail gear @ an unknown airstrip in Laos 11/65, accident(7) overshot the runway because of horses on the runway damaging the left landing gear and the prop repair cost $15,500 @ (LS-14) Pha Khao Laos 07/66, accident(8 ) crashed @ (LS-191) Thong Kheun 11/66, accident(9) made a rough landing knocking off the main landing gear @ unknown airstrip 07/67, incident damage by a rocket attack @ Tan Son Nhut Airport 02/68, accident(10) substantially damaged on attempted first touch-down landed correctly the second time @ (V-216) Ba Ria S/Vietnam 05/68, accident(11) causing extensive damage to the aircraft repair cost $19,500, pilot lost control and crashed into the fuselage of Helio XW-PCD still lying on the runway while attempting a short landing over it and came to rest inverted on the 35 degree down slope adjacent to the east side of the strip @ (LS-201) Sam Song Hong Laos 03/69, accident(12) skidded off the end of the runway while landing on wet grass and struck a tree damaging the left wing and horizontal stabilizer, the rudder and the tail cone @ (LS-227) Moung Ao Neua Laos 07/69, not repaired, salvaged for parts Vientiane, Laos, dereg 12/72

The list of accidents may have errors but if anyone sees an error I will edit. the accident pictures are #5 and 6.

Pictures 1 and 2 below are just after being converted from H-391B to an H-395 by CIA

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Re: c/n 075, as N4143D
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picture of c/n 075, as N4143D

note 3 bladed prop after conversion to H-395

I found this pic at the Air America site  click on

Opened above as 4th picture down
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Re: c/n 075, as N4143D
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added and opened picture #2 in the queue at top of page

note 3 bladed prop showing conversion to H-395
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