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c/n 521, 9Q-CIJ
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1 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 521, built 04/60  as model H-395 original registry N4165D (Aviation dept) John Deere & (Farm Implement) Company IL accident the aircraft nosed over during the landing roll due to a soft runway @ Dubuque-John Deere strip, near Dubuque IA 4/65 sold '69, Aldersgate Methodist Church (J. Biggers) IL '69, United Christian Missionary Society installed 120 gal LR aux fuel tanks in wings dereg export '72, as 9Q-CIJ Christian Church Kinshasa, Congo Zaire Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), fate ?

anyone know the current status of this A/C was it painted John Deere green and ran like a deer? Maybe they had trouble switching from a Tractor to an Airplane and donated for a sizable tax writeoff to the missionairies?
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Re: c/n 521, as N4165D
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Since I didn't have any photos of this Helio I consider this a good find, only 139 to go out of 527.

I'm not sure but believe this is the Helio c/n 521 being delivered to the "John Deere" factory by a Helio rep on right. I wonder if the guy on the left is Charles Deere Wiman.

Note; The "John Deere logo" partially behind the person on the right. If it is a normal "John Deere" logo the running deer is "John Deere"green and the background is yellow.

Which brings me back to the previously asked question is the darker color in the black and white photo "John Deere" green? It is a modified factory paint scheme already.

Still need a photo of c/n 521 as 9Q-CIJ while with "Christian Church of Zaire" Democratic Repulic of Congo.

"John Deere" logo
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