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c/n 515, N44298
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4 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Anyone know more about this A/C.

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c/n 515 built 07/59 as model H-395 then converted to H-395A, original registry N44298 (reused) Factory (1st of 2 special order, H-395A placed on type certificate), Svenska Aeroplan originally special order as a H-395 with a H-391 Eng and only 4 seats for larger baggage compartment (3 mods done later) but the new model H-395A (c/n 1001 not used) configured with 1st option for a larger baggage area (rear portholes not removed on 1st) 2nd special order option c/n 1004 next 3 as mods c/n 1289 c/n 1232, and c/n 514 was ready for production and was used instead, SE-COA Svenska Aeroplan AB Sweden accident no details @ Landstallshaveri Mieskarjarngasjon, approx 40km from Suorva Sweden 04/62 and next accident no details @ Maj Njurunda Sweden 11/66 sold '72, export rereg OY-ECA Denmark Anders Hansen accident no details @ Bjergby Denmark 1/76 sold as wreck '80, dereg export re-reg N44298 Dodson Aviation inc (Robert Dodson) KS sold as parts '83, Mark Van Oosten CO sold wreck '91, Carson leasing equity ? (Salvage Broker) OR sold '92, reportedly as a wreck project exported to Lebanon (OD-reg ntu ?)

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Re: c/n 515, SE-COA
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attached new photos thanks to Stephen
and another link about c/n 1001 not built;topicseen#msg4057

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