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Doug Johnson

c/n 508, N4156D
« on: February 12, 2015, 12:12:15 PM »
No pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Anyone know more about this aircraft.

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c/n 508, built 01/59 as model H-395, original registry N4156D Paul Guilden NY installed temp ferry fuel sys, 9/60 Ferry Permit, from New York City-La Guardia, New York via Caribou, Maine; Greenland; Iceland; United Kingdom, Luxembourg, to Zurich, Switzerland operated in Norway in 60's installed towing bracket and a Schweizer cable release bracket sold '68, Van Don co (David Van Dyke) NY sold '72, Marine Associates inc (Gus Bullock dealer) VT special registry N1BD requested but unavailable N4MA accepted but ntu) sold '72, as N4156D Irving Lipscomb AK sold '79, Jim Freeman accident while en route from Fairbanks to Gulkana Alaska, the pilot elected to land on an island near the junction of the Susitna and Oshetina Rivers. During the landing the gear fell through the snow and the aircraft nosed over @ Gulkana AK 5/82, next incident is first flight after previous one accident damaged, takeoff was from a dirt driveway which had a usable length of 330 feet before it curved North. Before takeoff the pilot had bent several small trees back away from the driveway and tied them down so they would not interfere with the takeoff. There are numerous trees surrounding the area, with an opening at the departure end of about 40 feet wide. The wingspan of the aircraft was 38 feet 6 inches. As the pilot tried to fly through the opening, the left wing contacted a tall tree and the leading edge slat separated. The aircraft rolled and crashed inverted onto a guard rail of an adjacent highway. The aircraft was equipped with an automobile restraint system. The shoulder harness attaching bracket was located at the top of the bench seat. The shoulder harness strap came loose from that attaching point during the crash sequence. The aircraft had been reportedly rebuilt by the pilot, who is not an A&P. There were rivets missing in the vertical stabilizer and, where the holes didn’t match up, new ones were drilled and sheet metal screws used @ Fairbanks AK 7/83 Jim Freeman expired reg '01 but registry number on hold for possible rebuild
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Re: c/n 508, N4156D
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I found a picture I forgot to post and another I just found

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Re: c/n 508, N4156D
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Added a picture I just found this is a preview hopefully I'll replace it in a few days with a better one.

Here is the better B/W photo I opened it above. I was hoping to be able to read the lettering on the cowling but still can't make it out.
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Steve Williams

Re: c/n 508, N4156D
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The name on the engine cowling looks very much like "Patiushka", which I believe is a Russian name. I can't imagine the significance.

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Re: c/n 508, N4156D
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Thank you Steve,

I did a name search for places in US nothing. It appears to have spent some time in Europe and the picture was found in England.

Any one else have any Ideas?


Re: c/n 508, N4156D
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In Russian the 'ushka' suffix on a name is often used in a way similar to 'dear' or 'love' in English.  My guess is that the owner was either raised in a Slavic language household or perhaps married a woman of Slavic heritage and named the plane after her with the 'ushka' suffix thrown in as a term of endearment.