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c/n 086, B-833
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5 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 086, built 04/58 as model H-391B original registry N4136D sold 04/58, Civil Air Transport inc (CAT) until 05/58, dereg for export 02/59, to Air Asia rereg as B-833 Taiwan 09/59, Air America (1st Helio of 29 acquired) chartered to USOM for trials in Laos sat idle at Wattay Vientiane Laos because of Pilots dislike until 2/60, (sometime between 2/59-2/60 it was the 3rd Helio converted at Tainan Thailand to H-395 configuration with GO-480 eng using Helio mod #45 it was taken by Major Aderholt to (T-05) Takhli Thailand to serve as a courier aircraft, then Major Anderholt used for training Air America pilots convincing Air America crews that the Helio could easily land at places where most other aircraft had difficulties landing, and after demonstrating dozens of short and tricky mountaintop landing at (“Lima Sites”, at that time still called “Victor Sites”), sites normally used only by helicopters, the Helio became one of Air America’s work horses in Laos, accident(1) after engine failure aircraft nosed over while making an emergency landing @ (L-15) Phong Saly Laos 03/60, incident due to fuel exhaustion made a forced landing @ unknown place Thailand 06/61, accident(2) a Hmong tribesman walked into the idling propeller and was killed while the aircraft was being loaded @ unknown airstrip Laos 09/61, incident because of control malfunction made a forced landing @ (L-08) Vientiane Laos 10/62, accident(3) crashed while landing @ (LS-86) Hong Non Laos 02/63, accident(4) crashed while landing it wasn't retrieved because the aircraft was in a hot area being bombarded by mortar and small arms fire @ drop zone “L” Laos 06/3/63, reportedly B-833 was purposely targeted and blown up to deny enemy possession 06/21/63, dataplate may have been recovered it was named in a request to Langley  for permission to rebuild complete A/C using only the dataplate at their maintenance facility in Tainan Taiwan

This picture below is c/n 086 as an H-391B before conversion to an H-395

Below probably accident no. 1
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Re: c/n 086, B-833
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I recently found the first picture here and when I checked my c/n 086 file I found another that had never been posted.

Unfortunately none of these photos show the 3 bladed prop that the aircraft would have had after the conversion from an H-391B to an H-395. By the time it had the first accident it had been converted but you can't really see the prop in the accident picture or the other two.
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Re: c/n 086, B-833
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added picture as B-833 in the 4th position in the lineup above.

Unfortunately it still doesn't show the 3 bladed prop which indicates the conversion to an H-395 but you can see that it now has cowl flaps.