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c/n 062, C-GJHT
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1 pics check your albums it would be nice to have at least one photo in original paint scheme and earlier registries.
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c/n 062, built 09/57 as model H-391B original registry N4129D Smith, Kirkpatrick & co (Aviation Div) sold 10/58, dereg export HB-EZA Spendergemeinschaft “Helio Courier” (Dr G. VonMeiss) Zurich Switzerland sold 12/62 de-register export 03/63, N2003F 05/63 Lawrence Brown PA registry canceled 10/66,dereg export HB-EZA Andre' Roy Zurich sold 06/71, dereg export TT-BAF Chad (World Evangelical Cooperation) Albert Burkhardt accident no details @ unknown place time sold 11/71, Kenya Evangelical Mission (Pier & Susie Heiz) repairs completed 09/74 rereg N90901 accident landing strut failed on takeoff due to previous damage @ Northway AK 07/75 sold, Ray Loesch AK resold 7/75, C-Stol Aviation (Gregg MacDonald) WA sold 12/75, Dr James Trembath ON purchased in damaged condition dereg export '76, as C-GJHT Dr James Trembath ON restored sold '77, William Hughes BC sold '91, Germaine Bombardier (son of famous skidoo snowmobile inventor) placed on Edo 2870 floats sold '93, Lorraine Pelletier QC sold '?, Dr. Paul Thomas Vareness, QC also placed on wheel skis (unknown person removed augmentor tube and reconfigured as H-395A Helio mod #48)
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Re: c/n 062, N4129D
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Found another picture this one was apparently taken shortly after c/n 062, arrived in Switzerland photo taken at LSPL Sept 58.

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