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c/n 056, N444PB
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4 pics check your albums it would be nice to have at least one photo in original paint scheme or while in Guatemala
Previous posts about YV-C-JIC or anything click on     Enter ?

c/n 056, built 05/57 as model H-391B, original registry N4125D Rotorcast (John Constantine) NJ incident elect fire @ unknown place time dereg as permanently retired '57, stored Guatemala for 39 yrs, 281 hrs TT on Airframe in '96, rereg as N444PB Steve Hill WA bought as fuselage/parts rebuilt (removed augmenter tube and converted to H-395A configuration Helio mod #48) installed AC-82U20-1B1 prop sold '99, Doug Clerget & Bill Stuth WA sold '01, Homer Baker KS finished restoration and installed 1400 series dorsal fin sold '03, Mark Price AK 2nd to use L-24A Army paint scheme sold '05, Sky Way Aircraft inc (Larry Peters) FL sold '07, Stephen Trott & Jim Hope OR sold '12, Sam Ballinger Salem, OR

compare this helio to c/n 039 the other L-24A paint scheme

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Re: c/n 056, N444PB
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Helio #056 N444PB for Sale seller gave an E-mail price of $149K. I believe this is a little high priced BUT the price is listed as negotiable probably waiting for a counter offer

This air craft is painted with  paint scheme that reflects that if there had ever been a model H-391 Army L-24 this is what it may have looked like and Mark Price used the colors of a laison aircraft from his own unit.
I also checked the current registry and if it was ever sold to Sam Ballinger the sale fell through, the history paragraph above has Jim's name spelled wrong and needs to be edited to read;

'07, Stephen Trott & Jim Hupe OR accident ground loop no details @ unknown place Guatemala 11/08, '12, rereg Jim Hupe & Stephen Trott a/c located Guatemala City, Guatemala

This is the link to c/n 039 the other Helio with a what if L-24 paint scheme

Some more pictures at listing.

see listing here

link to for sale post click here;topicseen#msg6569
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Re: c/n 056, N444PB
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There is no price listed for N444PB, it says negotiable only, not sure where that number $149K originates from, but this 391B is in fair condition considering the time that the airframe shows. I had Mark Price fly it here in 2003 and the restoration on it was shoddy at best, does not fly right either.


Re: c/n 056, N444PB
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Why doesn't it fly right Stephen? I am interested in buying it.   Paul

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Re: c/n 056, N444PB
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The price comes from a phone call to Stephen Trot by another member then passed on to me. I also neglected to thoroughly read the listing.

I suppose I should have worded the price quote a little differently. So I edited it.

Also a conversation with Mark Price by the same member in 2003 Mark Price admitted that the paint Job was hurried so he could actually make it to Oshkosh in 2003 after he was talked into attending and wasn't the best, the same for portions of the rest of the restoration.

As far as flying wrong this topic has came up before and Mark Price said he didn't understand where that came from because he said Stephen never flew it. The same member that called Stephen Trott logged 4 hrs flying with Mark Price and saw nothing wrong with its flight characteristics.

Probably now, nearly 15 years later and without a recent flight test it is reckless to claim it flies poorly.

There was a typical ground loop accident with 1 gear leg folded back and moderate damage in 11/08 while in Guatemala but this accident is 5 years after 2003 when it was at Oshkosh
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