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Retractable Landing Lights
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Hi Fellow Helio enthusiasts!  We have 1 Military Style Retractable Landing Light & 2 RetractableTaxi Lights for H295 or possibly others.  They seem to be in serviceable condition, but have not been verified.  Power Unit Assy -Grimes p/n G-2905-24v on the taxi lights.  If interested, please make offer that would cover packing/shipping costs from AK. 

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Re: Retractable Landing Lights
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Just curious is this Eli with Wrights air service ? And are these by any chance the retractable landing/taxi lights that were in c/n 1437, N295SM?


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Re: Retractable Landing Lights
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It is Janette in parts, just talked to her. They bought a ton of Helio parts from his warehouse and two incomplete airframes.

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Re: Retractable Landing Lights
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Thanks Stephen,
I just received an e-mail from Wright Air Service (no name) and because of your post I figured it was Janette so I called and asked for her and she gave me permission to post it here,

"Yes, Those retractable lights were from N295SM c/n 1437.  If you know of anyone wanting to make a restoration and needing retractable lights, please give them our info, and we will send them for cost of shipping only."

I hope only someone needing the lights for a restoration ask for these lights I'm not sure but I believe these lights are still available from grimes.

Personally If I had a Helio I would consider installing them because they were actually the standard landing/taxi lights  until the optional landing/taxi/lights in the cowling became available on 1203 and up.

Robert Casebeer said they could he used as a drag rudder just partially deploy the light on the side you want the aircraft to turn toward.

Also they would work great for using the alternately flashing light system (Pulsar) and if you used LED replacement bulbs the current draw would only be about 30 watts.

Also since they were A factory option the the the paperwork wouldn't amount to much.

I added a picture of control switches on 1437

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Re: Retractable Landing Lights
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The retractable lights are really cool until you have to replace a motor.  :)