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c/n 025, HK-615P


Doug Johnson:
Another Jaars Helio a couple pictures I found somwhere still need at least one as N4108D. Maybe Jaars will share a better picture, you think they might?

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c/n 025, built 02/56 as model H-391B, original registry N4108D FAA file missing ?, by 07/64 Summer institute of Linguistics (Jaars 2nd Helio of 46) named ''Friendship of Indianaā€¯ (removed augmenter tube and converted to H-395A configuration Helio mod #48) dereg export 09/66, rereg HK-615X Ministerio de Gobierno, Bogota, Distrito Capital Columbia 12/66, rereg HK-615G Ministerio de Gobierno, Bogota, Distrito Capital sold 04/77, rereg HK-615W Promociones Pungiluppi Leiva S en C sold 02/97, rereg HK-615P Luis Guillermo Morales Betancourt,  fate or current condition ?

anyone have any knowledge of where N4108B was from 02/56 until 07/64 ?

HK-615G c/n 025 in background In foreground HK-612G #058

Doug Johnson 1:
Found a couple photos of Jaars 2nd Helio c/n 025 as HK-615 none of my information show it registerd as just HK-615 without a Letter suffix, maybe this is the first registry before 615X or a last registry without a suffix letter.

The lettering and color scheme appears to indicate an early picture before 615X

Anyone know if the lettering on the nose says "Friendship of Indiana".

Jungle airstrips with Helio aircraft and Forrest Zander with Auca-Waorani tribes people.


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