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c/n 020, N4103D
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no pictures check those photo albums for N4103D

c/n 020, built 12/55 as model H-391B, original registry N4103D Steiner Lumber co (George Steiner) CA sold '57, Graubart Aviation inc (Eli Graubart) IL '57, Joliet Airmotive (John Kupha) IL install 3000lb up-gross (Helio mod #21) sold '58, Santa's Workshop (Julian Reiss) North Pole NY accident not reported or investigated no details crashed @ unknown area in woods upstate NY 04/60, abandoned reg canceled 8/60

anyone know where in New York Woods ? will try for more than upstate NY

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Re: c/n 020, N4103D
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Info and recent pics from John A

Abandoned 60 years ago

located upstate New York

see pictures above
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Re: c/n 020, N4103D
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edit; to History paragraph above

accident while en-route from Helio factory Norwood MA to Lake Placid NY at 11,000' over Adirondack mountains a/c encountered icing conditions in violent cold front with squally winds, rain, sleet and snow flurries. Ice built up on prop then separated from one of the blades, propeller imbalance caused severe vibration, the pilot was forced to reduce power to control vibration the pilot was unable to maintain altitude Pilot was able to use ADF to head toward Saranac Lake it malfunctioned 15 or 16 miles south of Saranec Lake possibly from lightening. After reducing altitude while searching for Saranec Lake which the pilot thought was just below him and unable to increase RPM due to engine vibration, pilot was forced to make a controlled crash landing into trees @ 2½ to 3 miles in on the northerly flanks of Moose Mountain in a shallow ravine about 150 yards west of the Northville-Placid Trail area in woods of upstate NY 4/60, aircraft destroyed on attempt to salvage some parts it was found that engine, prop, radios and instruments had been stolen remainder abandoned in woods reg canceled 8/60

see quite interesting accident report

There is a probably an inaccurate statement I think it highly unlikely there was a there was a thee bladed prop on this aircraft.  The first H-395 conversion had been made on c/n 075 in 06 to 09/58 for King-Hurley Research Group (CIA front co) so I don't think it was considered common knowledge, although c/n 075 was placed on the type certificate 09/58 and the accident happened 04/80 so their is a possibility. It has a  tendency to reduces the accident report to a good story with some embelishment. But it seems with the search and the notoriety of the Pilot that there would be an FAA accident report on file, I was never able to find one.

I suppose it is possible that it was modified but was destroyed therefore it ever became necessary to address this publicly much like c/n 086 with Air america which was converted to a H-395.

Would one of you word smiths like rewrite my accident report it doesn't sound correct.

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Re: c/n 020, N4103D
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Thinking about this it seems odd no government CAA accident report. The elaborate secret theft of the engine, the slap on the wrist of the thief it does seem like if there was a engine mod done by Factory possibly for test purposes knowledge of which engine it was, was being suppressed.

There appear to be a more coincidences than should meet the eye. Maybe Russian spies were involved and we need to contact the NY senator and ask for him to consider calling for a special investigation.
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