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c/n 1268, N50718
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3 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1268, built 08/67 as U-10D s/n 66-14366 for USAF accepted 08/67, t/n “14366” USAF Rhode Island Air National Guard, 143rd Special Operations Group, Theodore F. Green State Airport, Rhode Island until '74, storage MASDC Davis-Monthan AFB AZ declared excess 01/77 released from storage 04/79, as N50718 to CAP 1 of 15 converted to trigear installed cargo door sold '88, Lawrence Matt IL converted back to conventional gear sold '92, Larry Jones MI sold '99, John Pollock KS sold '00, Dawn Foster & Renald Drouin AK install 3,800lb up-gross install Airhawk Tundra tires then Airglass LW3600 Wheel skis installed Bendix fuel injection installed Cessna 337 front seats accident while landing on a remote gravel strip, the right main tire & wheel separated from the aircraft. The right gear leg then dug into the ground and the crash-cage/fuselage buckled at the attachment point. The pilot said he inspected the right main landing gear axle and found what he believed to be a pre-existing crack where the gear failed @ Fort Yukon AK 8/02, sold to Jesperson Aircraft Serv inc (J. Jesperson) leased to Circle Air, Bettles fld Circle Hot Springs AK incident no details @ Prospect Creek AK 9/14 wreck sold 7/15, Copper River Air Motive llc (David Parmenter) wreck sold 12/15, Perry Linton Norman Wells NT, C-reg ntu Parts ?

Anyone know what the recent incident was?

The picture taken below at Spartanburg SC (Larmont Aviation) May 1994, First Helio I ever flew.

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Re: c/n 1268, N50718
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This aircraft along with N4198D are being sold by Dee in copper center AK as projects/parts.  Both planes are claimed bo be complete by Dee.  Would be nice if one or both of them were put back into the air.  Currently listed on barnstormers for 49,000.  I assume that is each and not for both of them.

Tried to stop in and view them a few months ago when I was flying through the area, but weather was turning sour and I didn't want to get stuck so I didn't land.

Jason Stephens

Re: c/n 1268, N50718
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I emailed him twice a while back about 98D after it got run into but never heard back.

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Re: c/n 1268, N50718
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I just found that N5071B c/n 1268 and N198D were sold to Perry Linton Norman wells NT.

Anyone know if they will be parted out or if the intent is to put one back in service?

Edited history paragraph above.

Anyone have current photos?

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Re: c/n 1268, N50718
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This picture should be #1 in the queue above.

Anyone know what this Helios current statis is.

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