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Doug Johnson

c/n 010, OB-T-714
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photos needed as OB-M-714, OB-T-714

c/n 010, built 09/55, as model H-391B, original registry N4207B sold to Henry Darling Jr GA (1st of 2) sold 12/55, back  to  Factory,
converted to H-392 (sponsored by the CIA) experimental prototype in '57 using CIA funds for engineering (possibly to compliment CIA's Neptune and U-2 aircraft), the ''H-392 Strato-Courier'' and Factory proposed USAF U-10C (high altitude photo reconnaissance), placed in restricted category (Type Certificate never pursued), modified with Lycoming GSO-480-A1A6 & Hartzell HC-93Z20-2A/10151 propeller (STC SA900WE) installed 3,000lb up-gross (Helio mod #21) and crash-cage/fuselage was strengthened for larger engine (similar to prototype H-395 configuration), also modified with 24'' camera port in floor for a Wild RC-5 camera, optional mufflers a reserve fuel tank system  placed in restricted category 8 dereg 05/57 export as
XB-YOI H-392 c/n 010 placed in restricted category Servicio Aerotecnico Mexico [Louis Struck (1st of 2 Helios)], Louis Struck set altitude record 31,200' in '57, CIA discontinued engineering tests 07/60, sold '63 Jaars
as XB-YOI Jaars (14th Helio of 46) converted to H-395 dereg export (OB-LKG-714 ntu) Peru '63, OB-M-714 ? '64, OB-T-14 ? '66, accident no details crash @ Chamaya Jaen Cajamarca Bolivia 9/66 destroyed, dereg 11/67 Sucre, Bolivia


Since this is another Jaars A/C maybe they will come up with a photo while with them in Peru as OB-T-714, pretty unlikely though, probably another CIA secret.

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Jason Stephens

Re: c/n 010
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I was surprised that the -392 never entered production.  More power is better right? :)

Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 010
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If you think about it, a very similar model did enter production.

18 months later the H-395 with GO-480-G1D6 STCed with twin Rajay Turbochargers
came into production, similar to GSO-480-A1A6 engine.

Maybe someone smarter than me can argue which is better and why.

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Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 010, OB-T-714
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Added news clip.

Interesting that Cia. (company) Aerofoto Mexicana had engineering tests on the H-392 funded by the Company (American CIA).

I wonder if this name was misdirection by the CIA.
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Re: c/n 010, as N207B
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a photo found in my archives of N4207B before conversion to an H-392. Kind of a washed out color photo.

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