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c/n 002, N243B
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c/n 002, built 08/54 as model H-391B, originally registered as N243B (2nd Helio) mfg using "crash-cage/fuselage" built at Canton MA and assembled at Norwood MA using sub-assembly component parts made by Fleet mfg 07/54, sold 07/55, Charlie Helin MI (1st Helio of 2 owned) Helio Factory placed in experimental category as float plane while pursuing an amendment to the type certificate for Edo 2870 floats, after first few tests on Merimac river and Winnepasuakee in NH accident in flight wing failure due to turbulence in marginal weather while Edward Elwell was relocating to NY away from hurricane Diane @ Merimac MA 8/11/55, dereg as destroyed

Anyone know if c/n 002 was named "Flatfish" and what number According to Paul "In one early promo photo Charlie Helin has a Stinson (I think) on floats and was Flying Flatfish V, by the time he got to his Helio c/n 017 he was up to Flying Flatfish VIII

   Factory sent a letter 08/55 to all owners (001-012) to use caution and decrease cruise speed during turbulence

Previous post on N243B      recent post mostly same information nore photos
                                  little more on first Helio on floats
                                 see warning letter here
                                 not much here

edit it was Hurricane Diane

As alway please share your pictures if you have any. Not many pictures of no. 2
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Re: c/n 002, N243B
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Was c/n 002 the first Helio to be written off?  Shame that it was written off at the tender age of only a year.

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Re: c/n 002, N243B
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Here is a B/W re-enactment Photo taken of Bob Wallace standing by Helio H22  N400HE.

It is kind of interesting because both men look a lot alike and John is by the 2nd production Helio built in 1954, Bob is by the last Helio built 30 yrs later in 1984, and H22 is 34 yrs old.

The photo was taken Sept 13, 2017 on Long Pond, Harwich, (Cape Cod) Mass.  I was trying to replicate a photo from summer 1954 taken of my father, John E. Wallace while working for Helio Aircraft Corp at Lake Winnepasauke or Merrimac River (they used both) while working on getting the first Helio Certified on floats.  It was Charlie Helin's N243B, also known as one of the Flatfish, although that is the airplane, which was soon after lost flying away from hurricane with the fatality of Edward Elwell.

take a look at the H-22 file here

I'll probably post the picture of H-22 there with a comment as it being a re-enactment photo of c/n 003.

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Kevin Dunn

Re: c/n 002, N243B
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Nice photo reenactment Bob.  Nice shirt.  Thanks for wearing it!



Re: c/n 002, N243B
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Ha Ha- Thanks.  I had my favorite Teeshirt on by chance!   And Thanks, Doug, for posting.  I had been trying to get the right time and place to stage that photo but a busy summer with people at the beaches, etc, delayed it.  I still have to tweak it some.   My father at age 42 looked better than I do at 72 but he unfortunately only got to 60. My mother is 99 and will get her a copy of the photos. Thanks, Guys/ BW
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